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on the very beautious day of May 30th, I Leah Shore graduted from RISD! YAAAAY! It was a glorious ceremony filled with terrific speakers and hundreds of names read which took forever. I even had time to getup and use the bathroom and chat with some people in line.

The reader who read my name somehow pronounced my name as Lee-Arrgh-Shur. What the heck. I seriously doubt that my name is harder to read and pronounce then lets say the foreign students with long-ass crazy names, in which they read perfectly. I think during my RISD-reighn no teacher has EVER pronounced my name correctly. Hasnt anyone seen Star Wars or read the bible/torah? LEAH. It’s not hard. Its no Saoirse. Pronounced sear-sha. Or the word Hourdevours, in which I read outloud in 9th grade as Whore-devooo-rez.