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Die Antwoord. Heard of them? they’re CRAZY awesome! South African Rap group….what I really like about them is their sweet beats and bizarre visuals. Pretty awesome lyrics. I think theirs something (something) nostalgic with them visually and the way the Ninja rap master raps is uniquely retro/culturally perfect. I also like that the group has a female vocalist/rapper/supremely awesome performer in it. DJ Hi-Tek’s beats rock my world. All three of them combined make a great performance group…Something everyone would appreciate/like. I personally think they’re artists not just musicians, kinda like Lady Ga Ga.

They made all of their stuff…videos, photos and even their “next-level interwebsite”. Theirs this great interactive part of their site where you can go into a black and white room with primitive/street art graffiti that was in their latest video and click on things that bring up a strange video/stinger…brilliant.

If you could only listen to one song by them I’d say
either Enter the Ninja or Fish Paste

free download of Fish paste:

Checkout their freeky site at:

I hope that one day…..some day….I will make a video for a group this AWESOME. POWER Die Antwoord!!!!!! I HEART YOU!