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Tag Archives: BURNT BOOBS

I got this tumblr thing all the cool kids have been talking about. There are about three posts. I linked it to this site as well because that is how I roll and also because I am lazy.


Today is July the Fourth. In celebration for this festival day, I dragged my mother to boathouse row downtown Philly to take a niiiice walk. Unknowingly the Philly Po-Po blocked off the roadway meaning we had to park in bumblefuck Philly, meaning my mom and I hiked down a VERY steep and dangerous path/hill with broken glass and garden snakes. It was a true adventure. We finally got to the beginning of the big walk. It was beautiful out, barely humid and the sun blaring down on our hot-ass bods. WE DID NOT BRING SUNTAN LOTION. Now. If you have ever seen me, my family, or anyone related to me, well, we are pale. Im talking about albino-vampire pale. We still did the walk. 2.5 miles one way to the museum and back!!

It was amazing with scullers sculling down the Schuylkill river racing and yelling at each other. homemade soda pop and lemonade at the beckoning. lots of pretty people running like banshees. lots of fat people thinking they are pretty running like banshees. lots o bikes. All in all, I would say that this was a fantastic day! I couldn’t have done anything better then this. We hiked back up the mountainous hill/path avoiding poisonous ivy and snakes and glass. Oh yes, a quite loverly day. We then got gelato. AMAAAZING!!! Of course I fell asleep on the way home awakening to a burning sensation on my chest. SUNBUUUURN!! MY GOD! Its like I am two ethnicity’s Im so burnt. And of course it is in a strange triangular pattern pointing down to my boobies. GOOD DAY!