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Here are some things I’ve made over the past few years! Most of the puppets were made for freelance commercials for GOOGLE, Boost Mobile, and and some while I was at school at RISD. Hopefully I’ll post some rad set designs/buildings/weird things I have made, but this is what I have so far. I hope to re-take the puppet photos more professionally next time, I was in a rush for an interview…ENJOY!

Fabrication Reel 2012

Zotz! Commercial 2012. I made all of the sets including the animatable tongue, volcano and flower heads.

BOOST  Mobile commercial…I built a crap load of this set, especially the exterior and fireplace amongst everything.

I made the exterior. It is pretty. Very pretty.

Polar Bear! Top Hat! WOAH!

Mrs.Claus and Frosty…in bed. I made her sexy outfit! meow.

Fireplace with animated fire….awesome. I grouted it and everything.

Wideshot of interior.

MEETUP commercial I fabricated/computer animated for.  I built the set. It was HUGE. I painted the background in about 10 minutes. THUG.

the tiniest computer. ever.

foam tunnel of awesome…

tunnel again with centipede puppet of awesome

pretty HUGE set…


I edited this scene and green screened out my floating people…














I did some animating for an Amnesty Commercial, but mostly fabrication.




CLOWN for GOOGLE commercial….












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