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I enjoyed the audience feedback at the JAC/RIIF Encore Series on OLD MAN. She is a controversial film, that Old Man. And I love it.
Dear Leah,
So glad your film was part of the JAC/RIIFF Encore series on Nov. 21. We hand out audience voting/feedback sheets and here are the audience comments for “Old Man”:
1) Dreadful man. Excellently done, I had to put my hand in fornt of my eyes a few times, the imagery was so in sync with the voice/words., 2) the very psychotic ragings of a murderer who needs no coverae or special focus by anyone., 3) Creepy., 4) Disturbing., 5) They were all excellent., 6) I’m glad this guy is behind bars – scary and made me angry., 7) Why use your creative powers on psychotic rantings?, 8) Could barely understand what was being said., 9) Horrible ranting crazy man., 10) He really is as crazy as we have heard. Nonsensical., 11) This man should be given no publicity or voice. Do something about a good person next., 12) Just like Manson!, 13) What a fascinating stream of consciousness dialog from the notorious C.M. – animation perfectly matched the madness of the dialog.
Keep on creating!

All the best —–




MTV just hired me to make the coolest thing ever!! A birthday card to Miley Cyrus love MTV! I had 3 days to make it, 3 pots of coffee, and endless tweak… ENJOY! Please share!! I made an instagram account JUST FOR THIS.

There are two versions. The first one being my fav, 16×9 better audio and more mushroom Miley’s. The second version was cropped for instagram :( Still cool, but not as explosive in my opinion.

The band Neonfaiths new EP just dropped. I highly suggest you listen to  it. It is rad. I also shot their photos using magic.


Hey all! My pal and talented Director/Animator pal Lizzi Akana asked me to work on the new Sharon Jones music video she was directing/making. Check it out. Spread the word. AKANA ROCK DA HOUSE.

My film Old Man will be playing in a Filmmaker Magazine 25 New Faces compilations on Wednesday October 2nd at the FAMOOOUS IFC. I am beyond excited, honored, surrealized, humbled, eager, thrilled, animated, hot to be showing here. It is literally on my bucket list of amazing things to accomplish in my career. Huzzah. Huzzah to the other talented filmmakers. It should be an amazing show. Really. You should go. Support us. :)


I am honored to announce that I am an official animation judge for the Chicago International Film Festival 2013. It is one of my favorite festivals in general and I cannot believe I get the honor to judge the crap out of films. I love this. I hope to do more of this in the future! HUZZAAH! ! ! ! !

Also. I believe judges should be given crowns to signify their judgyness. Something like this is preferred:


This past weekend I attended the Animation Block Party here in classy Brooklyn. It is a favorite festival of mine and everyone who attends is severely talented.  There is also corn at the Habana Outpost. Best weekend. I was also mentioned in the Wall Street Journal. FAME.


Have you heard of that hip, new cool band called Grouplove? Oh good. Watch this teaser thing I animated for them. Holler Ace N Son.

I am honored to say that I am one of those 25 new faces. The article doesn’t say it, but I thank Jonathan Seligson and Michaeala Olsen for their dedication and help in OLD MAN and of course my extremely supportive super producer, Carl D’Andre. xoxoxoxo

also on indiewire, if you prefer indiewire…



I was hired to make the cover/ep for the fabulous band, Neonfaith, its all blacklight.  Stay tuned for their main photo whenever their EP drops. I barely did any tweaking in photoshop. SKILLZ people. Skills. I used a cannon 5D, black light, paint, and my eyyyyes….



A lot is happening with stuff. Stuff I cannot talk about. Stuff I can. So I will.

RECENT Awesome things that have happened for me and my art stuff:

1. MEATWAFFLE, my RISD 2009 Undergrad Thesis was inducted into the Sundance Permanent Collection at the UCLA Film Archive. Pretty rad. I am honored.

2. The short viral thang I directed and animated for VICE/Warner Bro’s. Project X Party Legends: Big Sean got accepted into my FAVORITE film festival ever: the Ottawa International Animation Festival. Prepare yourself Canada. I am coming. For your beaver tails. I made this thing in 2-3 days and went insane. And then I too partied.

3. I was interviewed by my pals at Frenzer Forman Animation and CartoonBrew:

4. I met and talked to at length, mr. David Duchovny. He is still seriously good looking.

If things keep getting this fabulous I might just blow up. Like literally. Scanners style.


Stay tuned friends!

Thanks Joel Frenzer and Alan Forman! They are a hoot!

Thanks to Mr.Raegan, today is National Catfish Day. It is also the premiere of MTV’s tv show Catfish. They hired me to produce a slightly offbeat viral thing for both days and this is what I came up with (music by Fritz Myers):


Old Man won a special mention award at the USA Film Festival!! YAAAAY! DAALLLAS! YAAAY! AWARDS!


I am extremely fortunate and honored to have Old Man play at the USA Film Fest in Dallas! I will even be there! IN THE FLESH. I will be in an exclusive compilation shorts block which will have a q and a by the one and only STEPHEN TOBOLOWSKY. He’s cool. I’m cool. Everything’s cool. I CAN’T WAIT! TEXAS HERE I COME!

Hey all!!

Exciting news. I am making a new movie and fast! WHY!?! HOW?!?! QUE?!

LIVE ACTION. Short film. Me. Jarret Kerr. Dorian Tocker. All in one room. Making a movie.

Stay tuned on this awesome movie of mine….It is a comedy. It is funny. It actually is narrative-ish. There might be some cartoons in it but at a minimum.

so much!

“With nothing but his own words to draw from I think this was a much more honest presentation of the man….Leah Shore stripped all of our cultural projection away and simply interpreted his words with images based on what he was saying, not who we think or what he’d like us to think he might be.”

-leaky news


HEY! I am super excited to have my film play at SXSW this year! I get the honor of playing with some amazing films from the new Pixar short to Julia Pott!! EXCITING.

If you are in Texas I highly suggest that you and your crew come see the animation shorts. I will be there! In the flesh!

***I also literally just broke my toe, but that will not stop me from SXSW-ing!!


“Leah is what JJ Villard could be if he pulled his dick out of nostril.”

– Chris Robinson

Hey! I wanted to post the Domino’s Ad campaign I had worked on for the election/pizza-awesomeness.

I got to work with the fabulous Greg Slagle of Kinetiscope who Directed the campaigns. I was the Animator/Creative Director. It was made and fabricated very quickly. I even got to do a few voices!! I really hope to do more voices/creative directing in the future. It is so much fun.


My most recent film, Old Man will be showing at SXSW 2013 in March! I am very excited for this one!! It is seriously one of the best festivals I have ever been to! SEE YOU THERE, AUSTIN!

Hey! So glad I can finally post the commercial/ad I helped animate on! It was one of the best things I have worked on so far in my professional career. Small crew, the McCartney’s and awesome animation!! I even got to hangout and work with my buddy, Lizzi Akana ( with whom I worked for on the Ke$ha music video!! ROCK ON! Enjoy!

Hey Guys! Finally the promo I made for GenArt!!  I made it REALLY fast and am pretty happy with the final product. I wish I had more time, but that’s what everyone’s says about everything the backgrounds are done by the ridiculously talented Dylan Hayes. Rainbows. Cupcakes. Movies. Fashion. Cupcakes.

I made my holiday into a GIF!!! There are also other awesome gifs on this site that is curated by Kneeon’s Mike Healey! ENJOY!

Hey guys!

It’s time for my holiday card once again! I felted up a storm and made this beast. A look behind the scenes pics will be up soon, but for now enjoy!!! Happy Holidays to all and to all a HAppy Happy Holiday!

my new reel is finally doone done done!


At Ottawa this year, I got to befriend one of my favorite new animators, Noam Sussman. If you havent seen his shit, let me just say, it’s  amazing. and that’s that. Watch his short GUM, it blew me away….

Anyhoo. He is weird and lives in Toronto and their Thanksgiving is in october? WEIRD. He drew this brilliant penis turkey. I decided with Noam’s blessing that I would retaliate with a vag turkey…enjoy.

They should do it.

I am going up to Ottawa to attend the coolest animation festival EVER: the Ottawa International Animation Film Festival!! I even have the great honor of having my new film Old Man in competition!! I can honestly say, that I have never been more excited in my LIFE then to attend this festival this year. I have so many supportive friends/industry friends that I may just explode with happiness. Stay tuned for a review! :D


Hey! I recently had the honor of making a quick intro for Vice’s new show, Experimental Music. It is an awesome show that has a musician with a host and they talk shop while doing a science experiment! Bill Nye would be proud. So would David Byrne.

Last night I had the honor of having my new film, Old Man screen at GenArts opening night before the feature Missed Connections. The ultimate highlight of the night was seeing ALAN Freaking RICKMAN at my screening. MEANING. Professor Snape has officially gone to see my film. Meaning. I am a wizard. BEST MOMENT EVER. Oh and GenArt was pretty rad all around. Great people. Great party. Great movies. :)

It was a great turn out last night at the opening of the Animation Block Party at Rooftop Film Festival! I had my friends, fellow animators, and my mom with me and it was perfect. It didn’t even thunderstorm! Thank Zeus!
Two cool things.
Ottawa Finally announces the film lineup! I have really talented friends and they are also in the fest! Joy Vaccese, Ian Miller, Christy Karacas, Michael Langan and more!

Also Jerry Beck just wrote up a two new short film to watch out for at Ottawa write up!! I am super happy about that and am again grateful for all the support. :)
Again. Super happy. Talented friends. Animation appreciation. A girl could get used to this.

this sums up my feelings…



So. I am not one to brag (excluding the last post annnnd this post), but, my new film Old Man is beginning to get into quite a few neato festivals. I am specifically excited about Animation Block Party. My film is in a block that opens the fest and shows at Rooftops Film Festival (a festival within a festival I suppose? weird huh?) and it will be screening outside at a high school, a hip high school in Williamsburg BK. I am honored and super psyched!! Also GenArt Film Festival….pretty neat too. They choose 7 features and 7 shorts, pair them together and then play them over a week with each having a party for the two films afterword!! I hope I don’t drink too much, because I am a lightweight. Some awesome alcohol sponsers GenArt too. SHEESH.

What I am most most-ta-ta-ta-ta-most excited about is the Ottawa International Animation Film Festival. I have been going for years and LOVE IT. It all started with my senior RISD trip and I was hooked. I dreamt of having a film of mine play at this über selective and eclectic fest…and now after years of dreaming I will. I am beyond honored, humbled really and cannot wait for my butt to go numb after watching hundreds of animation films. I also need to finally eat a beaver tail. I hear they are the bees knees. I digress. Ottawa. If you are a film enthusiast, animation enthusiast, cool things to do at least once in your life-a-thusiast I highly suggest you go. OLD MAN. Ottawa. Animation Block Party. GenArt. Who could ask for more? I am a very lucky lady.

I just wanted to say. That I believe I am one of the fastest animators around. I have been hired by Vice and a few other companies as of late, and the one thing they have in common is the need for speed. FAST. I have not only made funny, psychedelic virals ie. Big Sean, Kreayshawn, Travi Mccoy, and more, but have made them seriously fast. Like right now. I am animating Snoop Dogg. Who is the man, no diggity. But the short/opus is three minutes long. THREE MINUTOS LONGO. I have had 5 days to animate this. This is retardedly fast. And I finished it too. For those who don’t get how ridiculously fast that is, it normally takes me a month to animate a good one minute of animation. It’s like I am on crack. Or fire. Whatever it is, I kind of like it and hope to get more FAST work like this. It’s like solving a puzzle at the speed of a gagillion. and I get to do it all in my underwear. GOOD TIMES. NO SLEEP. THUG LIFE.

My new film OLD MAN won 3rd place best experimental at ASIFA EAST AWARDS last night. Here’s a rad link where Amid says some super kind words about the film. HOLLER.


You know that cool hilarious tv show Betty White has? Of Their Rockers? WELP. I’m ON IT!!! they made it look like i did’nt know it was a prank, but I did. They edited it. LAME, buuuut hilarious. And of course I was’nt wearing makeup and was having a terrible day. They can sense it, the producers. They prey on the vulnerablyawesome….

GO TO 9:08

betty white


HEY! The awesome Vice/Warner Bros hired me agaaaain to make an animation voiced by the fab KREAYSHAWN! I had 2 and a half days and seriously could not have done it without my friend Diana Chao. She rocks. ENJOY!


Hey guys!

I just finished animating a short 2 minute story that is retold by Big Sean! I was hired by VICE/Project X to animate whatever I wanted to along with the audio….this is what I made, in 4, yes 4 days. Which is crazy for an animation….ENJOY!!!

Big Sean

Hey All!

Just posting this awesome commercial that was directed by Spencer Morin. I was hired to make all of the sets including the animatable volcano (replacements), tongue, and daisy!


fabrications baby!

Director/indie work…

Commercial Animation REEL 2012!!! WATCH IT.

HEY GUYS! In the spirit of the Holiday season, I once again made a short animation on my “free” time. I made it in a month or so while I was freelancing and finishing my new film, OLD MAN.

Feel free to reshare this a kajillion times! HAPPY HOLIDAYS! Suck my dick.

My pal Richard O’Connor let me design/make one of the bumper signal films for this years Ottawa International Film Festival. It was a blast!

Check it ooout!

read this and please! SEE THE FILM!!!




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