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Yup! You heard it! The famous COOKIES will screen at the famous Rooftop Films this summer July 7th a part of the Dark Toons screening. This is possibly one of my favorite NYC film festivals in that it is independent, non-profit and it screens on rooftops all summer! They are also incredibly supportive of filmmakers and I am very thankful for that. Thank you Rooftop Films! Thanks to my crew,  Sarah Miskoff, Fritz Myers and Jonathan Seligson. See you soon!


Screen Shot 2016-06-06 at 12.36.36 PM


I had the pleasure once again creating this bit for Comedy Central! !THANK YOU COMEDY CENTRAL! YOU GUYS. People. Let me make you weird awesome songs. I love it. ❤ Thank you Fritz Myers for your brilliant Composing!

I had the pleasure of directing another spot for CNBC’s Money Lab. Thank you CNBC, the wonderful team, my producers and really just everyone, especially Anne Wojcicki. 23 and me!

Yes. You heard it straight. The coolest NYC PORN FILM FESTIVAL EVER is playing my aged breast film, BOOBatary. Come to the screening! It is free! Saturday June 4th at 9:30am because everyone who watches porn watches it at 9:30am!

http://Why Stevie Wonder had to meet this inventor

(just in case the link does not work above)

Pretty proud to have directed this short for CNBC’s mini digital series ‘Money Lab’

Watch it! It is informative and awesome to watch and it could not have been done without an amazing team, Producer Brandon Ancil, Producer/Animator/Extrodinare Stephanie Swart, Fabricator Hillary Barton and a bijillon other talented DP’s, gaffers, fabricators and compositors! XO CNBC

Screen Shot 2016-04-22 at 12.21.40 PM

Comedy Central hired me to produce two pieces for their Saturday Cartoon(ish) series. Here is part one. Someone please hire me to make songs. ❤

I am super proud to announce that I am a judge in the short animated block at the SXSW Film Festival 2016!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have been screening my films in the experimental, narrative and animated shorts categories at SXSW since my 2009 undergrad RISD thesis film MEATWAFFLE, so I am totally up for this challenge!! TO AUSTIN I GO!!Screen Shot 2016-03-05 at 9.12.09 PM

Judge I am!

Honored to be a part of this! Thank you Sight & Sound and Chris Robinson. Shout out to my crew!

Picture 1

I was hired by one of my favorite production companies (1st Ave Machine) to Lead Animate on a very interesting Budweiser commercial. At first it was just a hand drawn commercial, but then the client wanted it actually HAND drawn on actual napkins. CHALLENGE ACCEPTED.

I then spent the next 2-3 weeks producing and planning a very complicated hand drawn animation that would eventually go onto napkins and then stop motioned on top of that! HOW COOL. I was even asked to help with the stop motion (swoon), but I had to go jury at the Ottawa International Animation Film Festival (swoon).

We also had a very talented 3D animator on hand that worked with me. It was again, very complicated. I wish we had documented it!

The process went something like this:

-2D animation on FLASH

-the 2D then was transferred onto 3D maya software. It was then composited. We stared at it to make sure it looked about right. OH. I also had to make tiny squares and frame each bit to make sure each square was on the napkin and was animated correctly. I hope that makes sense.

-After that and after the animation was approved by the client, we printed the frames via a printer frame by frame.

-We then traced each frame onto individual cocktail napkins with specific markers.

-At some point I had realized, oh gee, I cannot do this on my own, I should probably have help, and luckily I did! Thank goodness, otherwise it would not have gotten done!! Good thing the Director, Producer and team were amazing. Shout out to the amaaaazing stop motion animator. He reaaally really knew his stuff.

I hope to make more fine art oriented stuff! Here’s to you, 2016!

The Talkhouse Film Talkies 2015 Best Of Films Polls and I am happy to be a part of this list! Pretty great read!

Screen Shot 2016-01-10 at 3.37.57 PM

I made this for them! SUPPORT! HA!



It has been a wonderful magical year filled with wonderful magical things.

After four long years, my experimental Charles Manson film, OLD MAN has been released online! Covered by big media names like VICE, The Atlantic, my blog and Filmmaker Magazine, OLD MAN has been featured at over 100 film festivals and continues to play today! Go watch it again and make it even more controversial because it is not enough already.

HALLWAY has been released online, too! You should watch it, again, too. And then share it. Again. She is drenched and waiting for your eyes to get even more drenched.

Most recently I was honored when asked by Starburns Industries to produce, animate and direct a segment for VICELAND TV’s New Series Party Legends. It will air on the network in February.

I am producing more films both live action, animated, everything in between and more…

and hey, I figured, psh, I have enough time, let me produce a quick short!!! And hey, I am just gonna post it online.


I love you all.


with spices.


Leah Shore




I have a website and I bet you could not guess its address



buy one for the entire family!!! 😀 😀 😀


We were just informed that HALLWAY won the VIOLA M. MARSHALL AUDIENCE AWARD at the RHODE ISLAND INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL 2015! Congratulations to the cast and crew! Thank you so much for making this film! Thank you sex club, thank you LGBTQ community, thank you Rhode Island, thank you pizza, thank you moms, thank you lovers, thank you non lovers, thank you puppies.


audience choice award laurel-fp


Thank you The Atlantic for choosing OLD MAN to showcase. It is seriously appreciated. Thank you to the crew of Old Man. You deserve everything for helping me make this beast. Thank you to all the supporters for supporting me when I was sitting in a room alone editing to Manson’s voice for 3+ months in my underpants. Thank you to Marlin for giving me an abundance of audio and befriending me. Thank you Carl D’Andre for supporting the film. Thank you mom for birthing me. Thank you animation world. Thank you film world. Thank you thank you THANK YOU.

Picture 1

With just a week being online, there have been amazing articles written about my short film, OLD MAN. Thank you world for appreciating this film. 


VICE Article about Old Man:

Short Of The Week:

Filmmaker Magazine:

Cartoon Brew Pick Of The Day!:

We Are Indie Horror:

I was fortunate to get hired by Above Average to animate a small series for Someecards. You should watch it. It is from the brilliant mind of Anna Rubanova. She is the hilarious.

I hope to work more in comedy. It is mostly funny. I hope to make it funnier. FINGERS CROSSED.

Enjoy and share this with everyone especially people in your workplace.


OLD MAN premieres online for free! Enjoy. Having. Your. Mind. Melt. For questions and answers please email me at or visit my real website:


Amazing VICE Article:

Cartoon Brew Write Up:

Picture 1

What do I do when I get an awkward interview for 45 minutes and am not asked anything really? I eat an entire rotisserie chicken without acknowledging the fact that I have a rotisserie chicken and am eating it on stage during a q & a and while talking about working with Vice WHILE cracking a Khan joke.



Basically. It was the most fun I have ever had…ever.


Thank you Ottawa International Animation Film Festival for allowing me to eat chicken on stage and jury the most beautiful films! It was an honor.

Till next year!





Super rad!

Acclaimed filmmaker and animator Leah Shore is officially releasing her short film HALLWAY after a wildly successful international film festival run. This is Leah’s first entirely live action film of which she is also the screenwriter.

HALLWAY is a short genderfuck black-light film shot entirely a secret sex club in Brooklyn. The film tells a story about love wherein a queer couple unleash upon each other a drug-induced, existential barrage of delusion and broken dreams.

Leah is incredibly grateful to everyone who worked on and supported this film. Especially her cast and crew. Thank you!

It’s pretty and insane. Check it out. And then watch again. And then share it.

“OH SHIT.” -Leah’s Mom


 I made yet another RAD Teen Wolf birthday card! This one is for Mr. Dylan O’Brien. He is cool. He also loves to eat fries, ride his Jeep and be a goof on the show! Happy day of birth O’Brien!



I had the privilege to make another card for Teen Wolf and this one is for Arden Cho! Happy birthday! I decided to experiment with some watercolor/hand drawn techniques with this one and am pretty pleased. Enjoy!

Screen shot 2015-08-16 at 6.55.36 PM


Super proud, amped, honored, mapled, poutined to have Larry Johnson screening at my favorite animation fest!

Also, this is hilarious to me for some reason (my name amongst companies…did I get into something strange?):

Screen shot 2015-07-10 at 3.28.46 PM

I am shooting my next live action film, WHALE LOOPS, in October, so I figured that in the meantime, I should make an animated short film. In a month (or two).


So I will be animating a short film this month (July).


Wish me luck.


I will be hand drawing it. With my hands. On real paper.


Proud to be listed! Proud to be salty!

So glad to be included at this festival. It is one of my favorite fests and I try to attend it every year!

*I will also be doing a live drawing thing with a comedian. You should come. I will most likely draw a ton of boobs.

Animation nerds and nerds alike! Apparently my film, BOOBatary is playing at ANNECY apart of the Spike and Mike’s Festival of Animation! RAD. GO WATCH IT IF YOURE IN FRANCE BECAUSE I WON’T BE IN LE FRANCE frown emoticon FRANCE FRANCE FRANCE FRANCE FRANCE FRANCE. heart emoticon

So honored to be speaking after Leah Meyerhoff‘s screening of I Believe in Unicorns – theatrical release at the IFC Center on June 1st (both 7pm and 9pm screenings) with the talented animator/artist/filmmaker Signe Baumane. We will be discussing things from film to animation and lady stuff and unicorns. BE THERE. IT IS A GREAT FILM!!


Shout out to my animation assistant, Chrissy Fellmeth! She is the best!



I did this for VICE! I did it real fast. I learned a lot. Like, who IS Grandmama and Larry Johnson? What DID Converse shoes look like in the 90s especially if I made a dorky STNG reference about it? Well. I guess you will have to see it yourself. Enjoy. Did I mention that I made this really fast? I wish people gave me more time, for Grandmama’s sake!

I am honored to be a jury member for this years Ottawa International Animation Festival  2015!! I am so excited! Thank you, OIAF! 🙂 See you soon, poutine, beaver tails, maple everything, and animation nerds!


I just finished producing, animating and directing a segment for EW digital for the show Justified. It was really fun to make! I wish I had more time to finesse things, luckily I had the talented Chrissy Fellmeth to help animate for me and make this piece even more badass within the tight turn around. Thanks Chrissy! YOU ROCK.

I particularly enjoyed making the watercolor background and wish I had more time to make everything watercolor but that would have taken another few weeks to complete!

Made in 3 weeks.


Dear Broad City Jewesses,


You guys. Should hire me.



The Jewess,

Leah Shore

Joo Bunneon1VAG TURKEYCUPCAKEWho's yer daddyJUDGE CROWNovulaion13stallion

sponge gifLeah ShoreLeahShore1

So rad!! Thank you NOWNESS. I Love YOU So Much.

I ain’t no fool! I am going to this and so should you!

My film I LOVE YOU SO MUCH and the MTV viral hit, Happy Birthday Katy Perry will be playing! PLUS BONUS SPECIAL GUESTS!!!!!!! ! ! !!! !  ! ! ! ! !

YAY! Animation! Yay! I Love You So Much! YAAAY KATY PERRRrrrry!!!!

I am pleased to announce that my previous film, I LOVE YOU SO MUCH will be included in a special screening event: Vimeo Staff Picks Cinema: Director’s Commentary LIVE at SXSW!  DOUBLE FILMS. DOUBLE FUN. HALLWAY. I LOVE YOU SO MUCH. HALLWAY.


Wednesday, March 18

1:45PM – 3:15PM


Vimeo Theater
201 Trinity St

I WILL BE THERE IN PERSON FOR A Q n A! I am sure it could be funny, weird, awkward and more! 🙂 Come join in on all the weirdness! ! !

Also…in celebration I am releasing these awesome, un edited cell phone behind the scenes stills from I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!


A link to  I Love You So Much!


Who knew that the wonderful anus/interior of I Love You So Much was a wonderful ghetto tent?! Thanks Dorian Tocker, Ken Barbera, Jarret Kerr and Crystal Pei 🙂

2013-03-28_12-44-12_557 2013-03-28_12-51-09_460 2013-03-28_12-51-17_321 2013-03-28_12-51-20_580 2013-03-28_13-18-03_309 2013-03-28_13-18-07_945 2013-03-28_13-19-03_830 2013-03-28_15-33-09_544 2013-03-28_15-33-14_803 2013-03-28_19-38-55_479 WP_20130810_001 WP_20130810_002

Attention! If you are interested in receiving a digital press kit of my new film HALLWAY, please email me at leah@leahshore or for more information! Thank you!


Proud that I Love You So Much is included in this wonderful channel!

So I made a Facebook page for my new film HALLWAY. Have at it, internet.

Good news! My previous film, I Love You So Much ( can be seen here, ) will be playing at the Atlanta Film Festival in March! Just in time for my premiere of HALLWAY at SXSW! BAD. ASS.


SXSW is the coolest and they just Instagrammed HALLWAY’S still to promote it!! SO COOL!

SXSW also put up the trailer and announced HALLWAYS screening dates, so come on by if you are in Austin in March and watch some crazy stuff!!


I am beyond honored and thrilled to announce that my new live action narrative film, HALLWAY will premiere at SXSW Film Festival 2015. It is my fourth film to play at the fest, but my first live action. I am literally speechless. This is a huge honor. THANK YOU TO EVERYONE WHO HELPED OUT ON THIS FILM AND WHO HAS SUPPORTED ME. I cannot wait to show it at my favorite festival. I cannot wait to make more films, be it animated or live action or a little bit of both!

Thank you:  Henry Roosevelt, Kim Jackson, Jonathan Federico, Fritz Myers, Dorian Tocker, Sarah Stephens, Margaret Singer, Alexandra Tebano, and SO MANY MORE CREW MEMBERS AND SUPPORT. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.



I was hired to write an experimental comicish review Talkhouse Film! READ IT. You will laugh! There are even pictures that I made AND A GIF.

“Most entertaining review ‘ever’!” –Brad Vandergrift

“That actually made me tear up a bit.”Vincent Waller

“Wow, what a creative, humorous, and visually interesting review! I loved how she incorporated the first SpongeBob movie at the beginning of her review. I also liked her comparison of the film to the Muppet movies. This review definitely blows the many SpongeBob-related YouTube reviews out of the water (pun intended).”-Billy C (of Cartoon Brew)

sponge gif

I made one. People actually asked me to make one? So I did. If you like it tell me! If I wrote something that offended you, tell me. If I spelled something wrong, tell me. I am a horrible speller.


Apparently I have a Wikipedia page now! YAY!

I rather like it. Especially it noting that I am a FABULOUS COSTUME DESIGNER!

Other note worthy things:

I Love You So Much is still a Vimeo Staff Pick

I think it is confusing the consumer. Which is cool. My favorite comment so far has got to be  “Barbra Streisands daughter.”

My XXX-mas Holiday Card 2014 is what I consider a disgusting sucess! People are sharing it on the interweb via the reddit (it still does not make sense to me, please someone explain that to me), twitter and on cool websites like Animated Review and Funny or Die! SO COOL! PEOPLE LOVE CENSORED PORN RIGHT?  RIGHT?!




HOLIDAY PARTY and Fritz Myers featuring Gus the lounge singer
with the Gingerbread Man and Lil’ Fruitcake
Produced by Platitude Music

Animation: Sarah Miskoff
Intern: Charlie Curley