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Upcoming Festival/Panels:

Criterion Collection Channel- Old Man

The Eyeslicer Season 2 Interstitials + Funeral on tour 2020!!

ClexaCon Film Festival 2020

The Lift-Off Sessions 2020

Florida Film Festival 2020

Past Festivals/Panels:

First Take Shorts Series 2020


Flagstaff Mountain Film Festival 2020

ClexaCon Film Festival 2020

Imagine Symbiosis Film Festival Science Competition 2018 **WINNER BEST FILM**

Cucalorus Film Festival 25th Anniversary 2019! Leah had 3 films playing!

Alamo Drafthouse plays HANDS 2017

Creative Climate Awards 2019

London International Animation Festival 2019

Drunken Film Fest 2019

Sydny Underground FF. 2019

Lighthouse International Film Festival *WINNER SOCIAL AWARENESS AWARD* 2019

Drunken Film Fest Oakland 2019

Calgary Int. FF 2019 Funeral INTL. WORLD PREMIERE!!!

Alamo Drafthouse Guest Host LEGEND! 2019 Watch my edited 30 minute preshow HERE.

SPLIFF- Dan Savage’s first ever Weed Film Festival plays HANDS and an oldie, Boobatary! 2019

Indy Film Fest May 2019

Florida Film Festival 2019

Twillerama 2014  On going tour at various locations and on Amazon Prime

Memphis Film Festival 2018- Winner Best Animated Short!

Indie Memphis 2018- Winner Jury Prize for HANDS!

Austin Film Festival 2018

Woodstock 2018

Cucalorus 2018

BendFilm Festival 2018

New Hampshire Film Festival 2018

Horses at MIAF 2018

Melbourne International Animation Film Festival 2018

Tricky Women 2018 Film Festival: Trippy Women section

Weihnachtsfilmfestival 2017

Cucalorus Film Festival 2017 Fest Bumper HANDS*

Ottawa International Animation Film Festival 2017 PEACHES! TITMOUSE! JASH! YAS!

Vimeo Presents “Ladies With Lenses” : Women Killin’ It Behind the Camera Sept 28th at 6:45pm Videology NYC


Animation Block Party Prize Jury 2017

Melbourne International Animation Festival 2017 Cookies

Brooklyn Film Festival Judge 2017

Nighthawk Cinema Boobatary 2017

TRIBECA Film Festival 2017 The Eyeslicer (I directed a few things in this. An amazing collective of filmmakers coming together to create a series!) and Black Magic For White Boys (I am a performer in this! OMG :O )

Florida Film Festival 2017 Horses Happy Holidays

Maryland Film Festival 2017 Horses Happy Holidays

SXSW 2017 Animation Meet Up!! COME MEET UP! SECRETS!! March 14th 5-6pm Marriott Hotel Downtown Austin Room 209

PBS Rhode Island: Double Feature show! I was interviewed by PBS about filmmaking and more! Featuring my films HALLWAY and I Love You So Much .

Cucalorus Film Festival 2016 * I will be there! **It is my birthday, buy me a damn drank.

Woodstock Film Festival 2016

Anny Fest Sept 2016

Dirty Morning Cartoons Series August 5th

ANNY Fest August 10th

Rooftop Films July 7th

HollyShorts June 18th

RISD FAV Lecture April 12, 2016 Come watch me lecture about things at my Alma Mater!! SO PROUD!

SXSW 2016 Short Film Jury 12832352_10153992496057302_4822282165223907900_n

Hallway at the NY LGBT Expo

Head Space: AN ANIMATION SHOWCASE Various, 1978-2015 Spectacle Theater

LezPlay Film Festival 2016

Fearless Filmmaking Digital Bolex Jury at Slamdance Film Festival 2016

VinokinoLGBT Film Festival in Finland 2015

Stars Denver International Film Festival 2015

St.Lawrence Intl. Film Festival 2015

Sydney Underground Film Festival 2015

New Orleans Film Festival* Jury Member! 2015


Rhode Island Flickers Film Festival 2015

Animation Block Party 2015 ***One of my films  will be in the fest and I will be apart of a live presentation of Picture This! Watch me draw live to a comedians comedianing around.

Ottawa International Animation Film Festival Jury Member and Larry Johnson On Becoming Grandmama will screen 2015

Très Court International Film Festival 2015

Sarasota Film Festival 2015

Maryland Film Festival 2015

Atlanta Film Festival 2015

USA Film Festival 2015

Chattanooga Festival 2015


SXSW 2015 Special event! I Love You So Much! Vimeo Staff Picks Cinema: Director’s Commentary LIVE

Short Circuit Film Festival 2014

Zinebi Bilbao International Film Festival 2014

Missouri Film Festival

Animpact Animation Festival South Korea 2014

Cucalorus Film Festival 2014

Chicago International Film Festival 2014

Ottawa International Animation Film Festival 2014

IFC I Love You So Much plays before the feature, Copenhagen 2014

Sidewalk Film Festival 2014

Rhode Island International Film Festival 2014

Animation Block Party 2014

Brooklyn Film Festival 2014

Ghosting Volume 10 – 2014

DEADcenter Film Festival 2014

LA Film Festival 2014

Maryland Film festival 2014

Animation Torrent 2014

Dark side of Sex AND Humor of Human Condition curated by Signe Baumane at the DILLON GALLERY 2014

Florida Film Festival 2014

Rincon International Film Festival 2014 **Winner Jury award for best fiction short film!

SVA panel: Animation Domination 2014

Town Hall NYC 2014

Slamdance Film Festival 2014

International kurzfilmtage  2013

London International Animation Festival 2013

15 Short Film Festival 2013

Cucalorus Film Festival 2013*

Philadelphia International Film Festival 2013 *my hometown!*

New Orleans Film Festival 2013

London International Animation Festival 2013


Ottawa International Animation Festival 2013

Fantasia International Film Festival 2013

Rhode Island International Film Festival 2013

MEATWAFFLE inducted in to the permanent Sundance collection at the UCLA Film Archive 2013!!

Melbourne International Animation Film Festival 2013

Anima Mundi 2013

DEADcenter Film Festival 2013

Seattle International Film Festival 2013

Maryland Film Festival 2013

USA Film Festival 2013 **Honorable mention award thing!

Dallas Intl. Film Festival 2013

Florida Film Festival 2013

Flatpack Film Festival 2013

Boston Underground Film Festival 2013

Atlanta Intl. Film Festival 2013

SXSW 2013

kloosterKino 2013

Santa Barbara Intl. Film Festival 2013

Starz Denver Film Festival 2012

Film Columbia Film Festival October 2012

Chicago International Film Festival October 2012

Ottawa International Animation Film Festival 2012

Coney Island Film Festival 2012

Martha’s Vineyard International Film Festival 2012

Athens Film Festival 2012

GenArt Film Festival Opening Night 2012

Animation Block Party at Rooftop Film Festival 2012

Spike and Mike’s Sick And Twisted Film Festival 2012

Northside Film Fest ABP Special Lineup 2012

Brooklyn Film Festival- Audience award for best Animation 2012

ASIFA EAST AWARDS – 3rd place experimental 2012

Maryland International Film Festival 2011

Iron Mule Short Comedy Fest 2011

Bodega Bay Film Festival 2011

Melbourne International Animation Festival 2011

Peculiar Picture Parade, Animated Films Defying the Norms 2011

SXSW  2011

SXSW 2010


Slamdance 2010

USA Film Festival 2010

Canada International Film Festival (WINNER) 2010

London International Animation Festival 2010

Melbourne International Animation Festival 2010

Australia International Animation Fest 2010

Sydney Underground Film Festival 2010

Sydney International Animation Festival 2010

24fps International Short Film Festival 2010

Wildsound Film Festival 2010

Arizona International Film Festival 2010

Citrus Cel  Animation Festival 2010

NextFrame UFVA’s Film & Video Festival (WINNER) 2009

the London International Animation Film Festival 2009

Ottawa International Animation Festival (First Place Best Student Reel) 2009

Raindance 2009

San Francisco International Festival of Short Films Festival 2009

Newfilmmakers Film Festival 2009

Urban Suburban Film Festival in Philadelphia (WINNER) 2009

UCLA Shorttakes Film Festival 2009

SoCal Independent Film Festival 2009

Other Side of Paradise Short Film Festival 2009

Bulldog Student Film Festival 2009

….I’m lazy, but there are more….someday I will post ALL of them! XP

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