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Here YE, Here YE! A  Doodle page by yours truly….I have all these weird drawings that I have been meaning to post/show/scare. Most have been drawn in my sketch book and then colored in photoshop, cause I’m lazy…enjoy

Commissioned to make a SpongeBob Comic Critique for Talkhouse Film:

I was hired to watch the new SpongeBob film and critique it/make my own interpretive comic based on it. Click below to read!

sponge gif

Recent photoshoot I did for the band NEONFAITH. There will be another still that will be released when their EP comes out, stay tuned. I painted on the lead singer. Pretty trippy. I barely did any tweaking in photoshop. Used a Canon 5D. I need one. Some one get me one please?



OLD MAN Poster:

OLDMAN_poster_v2_flattened_OFFICIAL_924_15Cock drawing for this cock website. Haha. They told me to draw my version of cocksterbation where you are hard but are forced to meditate instead of relieving yourself….I did this in 5 mintues…Ilike it. maybe I will color it at some-point!

Scissor Sisters design 1

Scissor sisters design contest2




Geoff and I made beauty…I decided he looked like Pugsly from the Adams Family…


weird koala, bunny and pimply man.

Painted this tonight…in about 2 hrs…i dont remember the last time i painted something. it truly makes me happy and i think i should do moooore of it.

Thunder Thighs

One, Two, Three, Four? LOVERS

Mr.Cupcake want’s you to LOVE HIM.

Put a little birdhouse in your soooul…

Nudist Fish Head Colony


My Mommy’s Birthday card….haha…



Lee’s b-day event pic…Siamese unicorn power!!


SCareed monsterbaby…

Fairy thing and Finger thing….

Nipple Bunny….

Mr. Cupcake says, I’m sorry in card form. YAAAY!

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