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My super short that I made for Giphy, Hi Twin! will be premiering at the Sidewalk Film Festival. Along with that, my film Extremophiles will be playing and Onur Turkel’s feature Black Magic for White Boys will also be playing. I’m in it! Surprise! I’m an actress. If you’re in Birmingham go see these films and support independent film!

SAT Aug 24th at 10pm in the Shorts: After Dark chapter 1 (ASFA black box theater)

SAT Aug 24th 5:25pm Black Magic for White Boys (black  box theater)

SUN Aug 25th at 6:55 pm Environmental Documentaries by Wild and Scenic Film Festival (ASFA black box theater)

COME FIND ME AND SAY HI because I’m a famous actress now. XO

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I have a new website and you should DEFINITELY check it out! Sign up for my newsletter, look at my films, commercials I’ve produced or just watch some explosions!


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HOME PAGE OF MY WEBSITE. Click above to enter! 😀

I’m hosting Weird Wednesday June 5th 9:30 at the Alamo Drafthouse NYC  (it’s sold out!) and am hosting one of my favorite films of all time- Ridley Scott’s LEGEND. Come see me dressed up as something semi related in some way to Legend and rant for a good minute about the film in a fun way! Also come before to see my AH-MAZE-ING 30 MINUTE INSANE PRESHOW! XO NOW AND FOREVER.

Screen Shot 2019-05-30 at 9.51.49 AM.png

at the Lighthouse International Film Festival in LBI NJ! So cool! They only take around 100 films, support the Environment, it takes place at the BEACH and I can actually attend because I no longer have a broken leg! CELEBRATION! I’m super proud of this film and I think it’s one of the most ambitious films I’ve produced. I’m blessed to have had a talented crew on board such as Hair Wolf’s Charlotte Hornsby as my DP, incredibly talented performers Rosane Chamecki and Brian Castillo,  our Talented badass editor Lucy Munger , our production designer/Wardrobe designer Nicole Puszynski Heraty  ,    Music by the AMAZING Johnny Woods, on site sound by the talented Alistair Farrant  , sound design by the again, bad ass Matt Davies , color by Post Pro Gumbo , an AMAZING PA Destyn Fuller-Hope, Producer Jonathan Federico, The amazing Imagine Science Films ,Nate Dorr ,Lauren kaye, and to my PAIRED SCIENTIST:  Dr. Tracy Fanara . For you, I am inspired by all the time, every day. Thanks for changing me for the better as a filmmaker and artist. Thank you!

The film plays SUNDAY JUNE 9th at 1:30 PM in shorts block 10, first!

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Hi! I’ve not written in a while. I had the wonderful opportunity to work with my friend, Rohitash Rao, the first Director I EVER worked with in the industry. I was his Intern when I was about 20ish and built stop motion puppets and set design pieces for his commercials. So when he hit me up, well I just SQUEALED with joy! I animated a commercial for him, in HARMONY. Well I Animation Directed, and boarded the piece for him, which was a great experience because it wasn’t my style. Thank you Peter Gulsvig for killing the animation hardcore! I enjoyed the outcome and it was a really fast turn around. Please watch and enjoy! THANKS!

So proud to be apart of this amazing Channel! Old Man will continue to live on beside incredibly talented artists, crews, humans on the Criterion Collection Channel! You all should subscribe NOW and watch all of the amazing films you cannot see on Netflix, Hulu, Pornhub, etc. Plus you will be able to see my hilarious and probably best interview to date about my influences that range from Patti Smith, Legend the movie to makeup and my mom! THANK YOU to my incredible team who really helped make the film, well, a film!! Animators/fabricators/board artists: Michaela Olsen, Jonathan Seligson, Liesje Kraai Mel Loyola Agosto Isam S. Prado! Thank you Alec Henninger for cleaning up the Manson audio and THANK YOU! A BIG thank you to the one and only, writer who was friends with Mr.Manson and gave me the audio to make this film! Marlin M. Marynick Thank you! I appreciate you. Thank you to the Criterion Crew who believed in both this film and myself as a filmmaker. Please support this channel because it supports independent film, art and so much more.

I can’t wait for you to see what I am making now!! Onward towards the future! THANK YOU! XO

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OKAY. RIP FILMSTRUCK….hello Criterion Collection Channel and yes, Old Man will be available to watch on it!! YAY! Stay tuned, and when I mean tuned I mean “tune” in to your Criterion Channel now. 😀 get iiiit… #criterioncollection #oldman #shortfilm #womeninfilm #womendirector #thankyou #yas #animation #animateddoc #experimental

Proud to have two films competing in this one! SPLIFF! TOO GROOVY! HANDS and one of my favorite shorts, BOOBatary! Fingers, joints and spliffs crossed!

Can’t stop giving #face made this a few hundred years ago. Huzzah! Me face! #me #face #sculpture #sculpy #puff #smile #art #above #door #portrait #womenartists #womeninfilm #womendirectors 💝🚪🎉


“To be awarded to one or more Rooftop Films alumni filmmakers to help them to complete a short film that communicates the power of hope, collaboration and togetherness to make positive change. ” -Rooftop Films

Wow. Welp.  I just got awarded a grant from the wonderful Rooftop Films, thank you! I will be making a short doc about my mother, Susan Frost and what she does for a living. She’s an ocularist, she makes artificial eyes, meaning she hand sculpts, paints and molds the eye for her patients. It’s intimate. It’s emotional and she literally changes the patients life. I cannot wait to make this film and am thankful my mom is down to make it as well! Thank goodness for artists as parents! YAY!

Variety post:

Rooftop Films Announces Filmmakers Fund Grant Winners

Rooftop post:


I had the pleasure of Animation Directing the 2D hand drawn sequences in the Feature Film “J.R. “Bob” Dobbs and The Church of the SubGenius” Doc Premiering at SXSW this March. I am not sure I can make it, which stinks due to breaking my foot and being on crutches and a weird pseudo big kid wheel (which is a load of fun to ride on and makes me tre GoldenGirls). Wish I could attend! ALL HAIL BOB. With dir. Sandy K Boone prod. Jason Wehling. Animation by the crazy talented team of Jonathan Seligson and intern, Joshua Boulos CONGRATS! #femaledirector #womendirector #womeninfilm #womeninanimation #lgbt Risd Fav #texas #bob #hail #doc #thankyou #2d #2019 #sxsw #film #feature #broken #foot #handdrawn #pt2 #sad #fomo #crumb Checkout the schedule

Screen Shot 2019-02-18 at 4.28.18 PM


Thank you Sidewalk Film Festival for this gorgeous 3d printed Trophy for Best Short Animated Film for FUNERAL! We weren’t even nominated in the category but accept! Congrats to all of the other filmmakers and thank you to the Jury, the Sidewalk Volunteers, Programmers and everyone else who participated! xo

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I saved my favorite short for my last post as the guest curator for Echo Park Film Center this month. My chosen them was: Beautiful Ugly and Whack World by Tierra Whack is an odyssey of everything that I have been writing about. Please watch this plus my bonus short of REVOLVER, an animated short that also has vignettes, and similar themes. ENJOY!

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Enough said, I have a new reel! Check it out: ANIMATION FIRST….

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Another Marvelous Movie Monday by yours truly! This time with a 3D artist I adore! Check him out, but turn off the music, it’s horrendous.

#animation #bouncy #beautiful #ugly #marvelousmoviemondays #3d #flesh #melting #surreal #experimental

Yaaaay I got asked to curate Echo Park Film Center’s Marvelous Monday and boy are the films I chose crazy! The film I am going with is Beautiful Ugly and the first film I went with, is, um…well you will just have to go see my post! Enjoy!


Screen Shot 2019-01-07 at 12.22.28 PM.png

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Thank you Simons Foundation for this sweet write up about EXTREMOPHILES and the process of producing this interesting documentary science dance film. We really hope to show this to all the people soon and premiere it somewhere neat! With my paired scientist, Dr. Tracy Fanara, DP, Charlotte Hornsby, Rosane Chamecki, Brian Castillo, Nicole Puszynski Heraty, Post Pro Gumbo, Studio Unknown, Alistair Farrant, Jonathan Federico, the PA’s etc. Thanks! 🙂

#dance #extreme #environment #recycle #brooklyn #radioactive #toxic #simonsfoundation #climatechange #gowanus #canal #experimental #thankyou #womeninfilm #art #lgbt #team #womencinematographer #womenscientists Imagine Science Film Festival #filmmakers #scientists #wealldie

Screen Shot 2019-01-04 at 1.31.54 PM.png

So Giphy commissioned me to make a super short short film for their first ever Film Festival! So cool! So honored. Thank you Giphy! I decided to buy some mini lenses for my iphone and make a mini film with myself and this actor aka Jonathan. It was a lot of fun and we Twinned very hard. The film is called Hi Twin and is 27 seconds long.  I would like it to premiere at a film festival somewhere…do they make tiny film fests? Who knows! Contact me for any inquiries and checkout my Giphy page for some gifs from the mini film!

Cool write-up about the fest HERE



Beyonce Bff GIF
a roach I found and gave a mini funeral…rip.

Death Skull GIF


HAAAAAAAANDS!!! That’s right, she is still hands-ing to play at film festivals…my signal film I made for the amazing film festival CUCALORUS just won a damn Honorable Mention award at Indie Memphis!! I am so sad to have missed this one. NOT to mention my new film, Funeral was also playing there. Wow. Just wow. Thank you Jury members, thank you staff, programmers, volunteers, filmmakers, film-goers, friends, Memphis, Cucalorus, Matt Davies, Jaime Horrigan at Studio Unkown, Aaron Hillis who both produced Hands and was also the dead corpse in Funeral, and Dan Brawley the Chief Instigating Officer of the Cucalorus Festival.

Please email me with any film festival playing inquiry!



I was chosen to be apart of the Imagine Science Competition 2018
Six scientists and six filmmakers have been chosen to create genre-bending works during the 11th Imagine Science Film Festival in NYC this fall.

I was paired with Scientist/Engineer Tracy Fanara, who to me is a real life superhero and is currently battling the Red Tide issue in Florida. If you don’t know what that is please read about it. It’s frightening and, well here: “…this bloom, like many HABs, is caused by microscopic algae that produce toxins that kill fish and make shellfish dangerous to eat. The toxins may also make the surrounding air difficult to breathe. As the name suggests, the bloom of algae often turns the water red.”

I was inspired by what Tracy did for a living and also because of the timing, I just read this article in the NYT.  I was also invited to the filming of Josh Fox’s new film about Climate Change and the Environment, etc. We were prompted to make a film in a week with the theme of: SURVIVAL. We were in Brooklyn. I thought, what could we make? Ah. A film, a portrait film about the pollution in Brooklyn but used as a metaphor for something bigger, something I myself could attempt to articulate in a week using Brooklyn, using my amazing cinematographer and Sundance Award Winning Short Film, Hairwolf badass lady, Charlotte Hornsby, using movement by Guggenheim grant recipient Rosane Chameki and Sleep No More dancer Brian Castillo and sounds that would scare the bajeezus out of you that are inspired by the environment made by my friend Johnny Woods, and my RISD roommate who production designed the film, Nicole Heraty…Producer. Sound. Mixing. PA’s,and so on with my amazing crew.

Tracy was an integral role, analyzing our locations, researched what happened and why they were polluted. We talked about how people would react if they ingested carcinogenic or if they had ingested fracked liquids or if they realized you lived outside a warehouse with a literal Nuclear Bomb waiting to happen and so on. It was certainly a wonderful collaborative journey with a terrific team. I feel so thankful for the support! We decided to call the film EXTREMOPHILES.

Extromophiles are organisms that exist when nothing else can survive. The earth finds a way to balance change, but will humans be able to adapt to the change which they are creating?

We would absolutely love to share this film with you, world. If you are interested in a genre bending hybrid film. An Horror-Activist-Scifi-Short-Doc with the themes of Pollution, Climate Change, Politics and more…


THANKS! Symbiosis Grant! Thank you Simons Foundation Grant! Thank you to all of the other Filmmakers and Scientists that competed during the week! XO

Old Man won first prize Audience Awards in the Experimental Shorts Film Festival. So cool. Thank you festival for picking this film. Thank you to the team. Thank you, Old Man for lending your ghostly voice and to Marlin Marynick for the support and for your voice.


go watch the film on the Criterion Channel and see me get interviewed and talk about my influences in life and beyond!

Thank you Sidewalk Film Festival for awarding our new short FUNERAL best animated short film! Literally I was speechless, in that I should have probably prepared a speech and thanked animation, ghosts, animation, the trophy and I think a few other things…and left. THANK YOU. Thank you to my amazing team, post and pre..thank you, and of course, thank you animation.

Until next time.


Shout out to Jonathan Federico, Natasha Soto-Albors, Jennifer Prediger, Jarret Kerr, Aaron Hillis, my animation team: Jonathan Seligson, Sarah Miskoff and Nico Teitel… and to my amazing exec producers Adnaan Muslim, Rene Federico, Nightspark Pictures, Elizabeth Krajewski…

Screen Shot 2018-08-28 at 10.40.09 PM.pngScreen Shot 2018-08-28 at 10.39.59 PM.png

Screen Shot 2018-06-05 at 6.19.52 PM

Hey! OLD MAN is playing before Dennis Hopper’s Directorial debut, EASY RIDER on the Criterion Channel, Filmstruck. Check it out when you have the chance. I am unbelievably honored, speechless and am in utter aw over this. Thank you to the Criterion crew for having me over, letting me into their film closet, letting me speak about my influences such as Cher, my mom and everything in between and for just supporting the arts. Onward to more films and art making! Thank you to my amazing, supportive crew, most who went to RISD with me: Jonathan Seligson, Michaeala Olsen, Melissa Loyola, Liesje Kraai, Isam Prado, Chris Barret for introducing me to the right people and finally Marlin Marynick who was very close with Manson and who wrote Manson Now. Thank you for letting me into you wonderful life.

Watch my hilarious inspiration list here

When you go to the Criterion Channel I host a directors intro about the film, my life and a ton of other information!

Screen Shot 2018-06-05 at 6.25.39 PM

Well. This happened. It’s been like a surreal dream…


The film I produced with an amazing team in 2012 narrated by the one and only, recently passed, Charles Manson, OLD MAN will be distributed by the infamous Criterion Channel’s FilmStruck. It will play before Dennis Hopper’s feature debut, Easy Rider. It is a rather perfect pairing.

1969 saw the release of Dennis Hopper’s Easy Rider and the media circus ignited by the Manson murders, two seismic cultural events that cast a shadow on the freewheeling good vibes of the hippie era. This program brings together two films that capture the spirit of that chaotic year. In the 2012 experimental documentary Old Man, Brooklyn-based artist Leah Shore combines eye-popping animation with never-before-heard phone calls that Charles Manson made from jail to the infamous cult leader and Canadian author Marlin Marlin M. Marynick. In his directorial debut, Hopper created one of the great American road movies, a counterculture sensation that mixed New Wave-inspired aesthetics, a bold rock soundtrack, and star-making performances by Peter Fonda and Jack Nicholson.
*Premiering on the Chanel this month                                                                                   
*make sure to watch out for a lil interview by yours truly!

Thank you to my crew: Jonathan Seligson Marlin M. Marynick Michaela OlsenLiesje KraaiMel Loyola AgostoIsam S. PradoAlec Henninger and to The Criterion Collection crew, Penelope Rose Bartlett and the FilmStruck!! THANK YOU! OH also, Dennis Hopper RIP and Charles Manson, thank you for your voice and making this film possible.


For more information contact:


Eva Dickerman at Odenkirk Provissiero Entertainment




Hey! I did the 2D animation in the Netflix Doc Take Your Pills. Go watch it! It is really good. It is on Netflix and if you don’t have it go ask your mom or a friend for a pw. Kay, bye.


I was interviewed on a podcast! I talk about everything from boobs, my new film Funeral to my mom! YAY! Thanks Tin Can for the interview!

Screen Shot 2018-03-06 at 10.37.40 PM.png

So proud to reveal the poster of my new film Funeral! Check it oooout! Starring Jennifer Prediger and Jarret Kerr! Jonathan Federico and I wrote and produced the film. Cinematography by Henry Roosevelt. Musical score by Michael Montes. Production design by Nicole Puszynski Heraty. Executive Producers: Natasha Soto-Albors, Elizabeth Krajewski, Rene Federico, Adnaan Muslim. In association with Night Spark Pictures and Cutters Studios For any inquiries please email me at thanks! #womendirectors #womeninfilm #poop #women #mary #jenniferismary #thankyou #film #independetfilm #shortfilm #animation #art


I had the pleasure of illustrating Lady Bird for Talkhouse top films of the year! Check it out here…/ #gretagerwig #Saoirseronan #womendirectors #womenwriters #bff


The Cucalorus Film Festival had myself and Studio Unkown make the bumper this year and guess what, it is coming to the ALAMO DRAFTHOUSE, Brooklyn! So watch out! When you least expect it…HANDS will come atcha 1000000% And don’t forget to donate to the Cucalorus Film Festival because it is a wonderful film festival, non-profit and it goes to filmmakers, film goers, funding and so so much more. KEEP REAL ART ALIVE.


All the love.



*DON’T FORGET TO SCREAM “HANDS” when you watch it, Folks. People will rejoice.


Screen Shot 2017-12-06 at 12.41.13 PM.png

I just found this sweet article and I love it. I think it is rather appropriate because it is amazing and I was lucky enough to see Peaches perform here in NY this weekend. She was amazing as always. Luckily she is roommate-less now, thank goodness. 🙂


We produced my favorite episode this week of How It Went Down featuring Sam Smith. The animation reflects the background and what he is talking about: breakups, heartbreak, choirs, music and flowers! I absolutely loved working on this and want to explore more visual pieces like this. If you didn’t know, we produce an episode a WEEK! YES, a week! I know, we are fab. It could not be done without the fabulously talented Billboard crew, THANK YOU!

I had the pleasure of Directing Bella Thorne and Prince Fox for Billboard and then animating on top of the edited piece. Assisting animation by Peter Gulsvig and produced by Jessica Rovniak for the series How It Went Down. I have been working on the entire series by the way, so you should probably watch all the episodes*

Billboard: Bella Thorne and Prince FoxScreen Shot 2017-09-19 at 4.42.11 PM.png


I had the pleasure of directing Bella Thorne and Prince Fox at Billboard for a segment. Heck I even got to quickly design the background for them. There might be a flamingo somewhere? They were super sweet, hilarious and great to work with annnnd fashionably appareled. We worked well together and boy do they have a story for you! STAY TUNED. XO


Image result for bella and prince call

Chris Robinson asked me some questions unrelated to animation:

Proud to say that I have been involved in two pilots at Tribeca. It is the first year that they have pilots and they chose three! :O

The EYESLICER…I directed the bumpers and a short (Cookies (unsure if it is actually in the episode that plays at Tribeca, but it is in fact in the show))


Onur Turkels

Black Magic for White Boys where I act in it. I play Leah the intern.

Screen Shot 2017-04-21 at 2.44.26 PM.png



I had the pleasure of writing (and singing like a little girl) a HAPPY LUNAR NEW YEAR song for Sesame Street/ music video directed by Lizzi Akana, Music Composed by the amazing Fritz Mysers! Hire us.


Screen Shot 2017-02-28 at 2.05.54 PM.png

I am posting my test for the new Powerpuff Girls TV show. This was the first storyboard I have ever done. I had so much fun coming up with this and really hope to get more work like this. I absolutely love to write and draw annnnd make punny jokes. ❤

I love you CN, keep making amazing content.



For a pdf. or any inquiries please email me

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


Would you fuck me? I’d fuck me.

Thank you to my mini crew of talented animators: Sarah Miskoff, Jonathan Seligson and Brit Baumstein!

And finally, the episode that I directed/boarded with TITMOUSE, Jash’s Very Animated People: PEACHES!


SHE STILL LIVES! My film, OLD MAN has been posted on the Film Shortage site!

Thanks, Film Shortage peeps!

I was interviewed by PBS about filmmaking and more! Featuring my films HALLWAY and I Love You So Much . Film date…December??

So proud to be back, Rhode Island!


I am proud to have produced a small piece for Plan International for INTERNATIONAL DAY OF THE GIRL. My short was posted on TIME! NEAT! YAAAY GIRLS!



I had the pleasure of directing PEACHES’ story with the terrific team at Titmouse! Produced by JASH and Titmouse, animated by James Sugrue, boarded by yours truly!

MORE TO COME. Thanks Peaches! Thank you everyone else I forgot to mention!!! XOXO,tid:bae7f5f090524153ae28417c82a8303a,vid:0253efef121b4a0abcab63129f9c5a23,tid:bae7f5f090524153ae28417c82a8303a,vid:0253efef121b4a0abcab63129f9c5a23

I animated the episode of JD SAMSON’s BIG DAY OUT for the show PARTY STORY on VICELAND.  CHECK SOME OF THE ANIMATION OUT BELOW…they even made gifs! WHAT A GIFT! SHARE IT.


OH NEAT-O. The episode I did for VICELAND‘s Party Legends, produced by Starburns Industries, Inc., is online on Xfinity / On Demand / your paid cable network and you should watch it NOW. If not you will just have to wait till AUGUST 4th, at 10:30pm on the television. It is episode 5 and is called Some Strange Loophole. My segment has the badass JD Samson narrate while she and a couple other badass ladies make an appearance in the animated worldeverse… animation assisted by Chrissy Fellmeth with additional film footage backgrounds by Joey Shanks. I will post some character designs and other neat art stuff I did after the ep. airs. (Or before if I get the go ahead).
That pictures the end credits with one of my favorite comedians. He is not in my bit, 😥 BUT OUR NAMES ARE ON HIS CHEST! 🙂


I am proud to be directing a few things for Titmouse in the next few months. Keep an eye out, it should probably be sick or rad or badass or something something awesome awesome.

#badass #yaaas #titmouse #directing #animation #sick


My annual holiday film, COOKIES had its festival premiere at the prestigious ROOFTOP FILM FESTIVAL! It was a fabulous night and the seats were packed, so packed that it was sold out! I was lucky enough to have both Sarah Miskoff and Jonathan Seligson with me, my animators from the film. It was a glorious night, with amazing programming, popcorn and a ton of poop jokes. Good times. I hope the film plays more. People seemed to LOL a lot. There was so much LOL-ing, that I swear I heard a ton of farts, but that is okay because COOKIES is probably the best film to fart to. She is the best film to fart to. QUOTE ME.



Just kidding. I am however in the beginning of this trailer and had completely forgotten I had done this in 2014 for Greencard Pictures in my pjs in about one take in my own grownup room on the skype. I AM FAMOUS NOW, RIGHT?! RIGHT!!!?!?! Wheres my Rolodex?