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Monthly Archives: May 2019

I’m hosting Weird Wednesday June 5th 9:30 at the Alamo Drafthouse NYC  (it’s sold out!) and am hosting one of my favorite films of all time- Ridley Scott’s LEGEND. Come see me dressed up as something semi related in some way to Legend and rant for a good minute about the film in a fun way! Also come before to see my AH-MAZE-ING 30 MINUTE INSANE PRESHOW! XO NOW AND FOREVER.

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at the Lighthouse International Film Festival in LBI NJ! So cool! They only take around 100 films, support the Environment, it takes place at the BEACH and I can actually attend because I no longer have a broken leg! CELEBRATION! I’m super proud of this film and I think it’s one of the most ambitious films I’ve produced. I’m blessed to have had a talented crew on board such as Hair Wolf’s Charlotte Hornsby as my DP, incredibly talented performers Rosane Chamecki and Brian Castillo,  our Talented badass editor Lucy Munger , our production designer/Wardrobe designer Nicole Puszynski Heraty  ,    Music by the AMAZING Johnny Woods, on site sound by the talented Alistair Farrant  , sound design by the again, bad ass Matt Davies , color by Post Pro Gumbo , an AMAZING PA Destyn Fuller-Hope, Producer Jonathan Federico, The amazing Imagine Science Films ,Nate Dorr ,Lauren kaye, and to my PAIRED SCIENTIST:  Dr. Tracy Fanara . For you, I am inspired by all the time, every day. Thanks for changing me for the better as a filmmaker and artist. Thank you!

The film plays SUNDAY JUNE 9th at 1:30 PM in shorts block 10, first!

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Hi! I’ve not written in a while. I had the wonderful opportunity to work with my friend, Rohitash Rao, the first Director I EVER worked with in the industry. I was his Intern when I was about 20ish and built stop motion puppets and set design pieces for his commercials. So when he hit me up, well I just SQUEALED with joy! I animated a commercial for him, in HARMONY. Well I Animation Directed, and boarded the piece for him, which was a great experience because it wasn’t my style. Thank you Peter Gulsvig for killing the animation hardcore! I enjoyed the outcome and it was a really fast turn around. Please watch and enjoy! THANKS!