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Monthly Archives: February 2019

“To be awarded to one or more Rooftop Films alumni filmmakers to help them to complete a short film that communicates the power of hope, collaboration and togetherness to make positive change. ” -Rooftop Films

Wow. Welp.  I just got awarded a grant from the wonderful Rooftop Films, thank you! I will be making a short doc about my mother, Susan Frost and what she does for a living. She’s an ocularist, she makes artificial eyes, meaning she hand sculpts, paints and molds the eye for her patients. It’s intimate. It’s emotional and she literally changes the patients life. I cannot wait to make this film and am thankful my mom is down to make it as well! Thank goodness for artists as parents! YAY!

Variety post:

Rooftop Films Announces Filmmakers Fund Grant Winners

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I had the pleasure of Animation Directing the 2D hand drawn sequences in the Feature Film “J.R. “Bob” Dobbs and The Church of the SubGenius” Doc Premiering at SXSW this March. I am not sure I can make it, which stinks due to breaking my foot and being on crutches and a weird pseudo big kid wheel (which is a load of fun to ride on and makes me tre GoldenGirls). Wish I could attend! ALL HAIL BOB. With dir. Sandy K Boone prod. Jason Wehling. Animation by the crazy talented team of Jonathan Seligson and intern, Joshua Boulos CONGRATS! #femaledirector #womendirector #womeninfilm #womeninanimation #lgbt Risd Fav #texas #bob #hail #doc #thankyou #2d #2019 #sxsw #film #feature #broken #foot #handdrawn #pt2 #sad #fomo #crumb Checkout the schedule

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