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Monthly Archives: July 2016

OH NEAT-O. The episode I did for VICELAND‘s Party Legends, produced by Starburns Industries, Inc., is online on Xfinity / On Demand / your paid cable network and you should watch it NOW. If not you will just have to wait till AUGUST 4th, at 10:30pm on the television. It is episode 5 and is called Some Strange Loophole. My segment has the badass JD Samson narrate while she and a couple other badass ladies make an appearance in the animated worldeverse… animation assisted by Chrissy Fellmeth with additional film footage backgrounds by Joey Shanks. I will post some character designs and other neat art stuff I did after the ep. airs. (Or before if I get the go ahead).
That pictures the end credits with one of my favorite comedians. He is not in my bit, 😥 BUT OUR NAMES ARE ON HIS CHEST! 🙂



I am proud to be directing a few things for Titmouse in the next few months. Keep an eye out, it should probably be sick or rad or badass or something something awesome awesome.

#badass #yaaas #titmouse #directing #animation #sick


My annual holiday film, COOKIES had its festival premiere at the prestigious ROOFTOP FILM FESTIVAL! It was a fabulous night and the seats were packed, so packed that it was sold out! I was lucky enough to have both Sarah Miskoff and Jonathan Seligson with me, my animators from the film. It was a glorious night, with amazing programming, popcorn and a ton of poop jokes. Good times. I hope the film plays more. People seemed to LOL a lot. There was so much LOL-ing, that I swear I heard a ton of farts, but that is okay because COOKIES is probably the best film to fart to. She is the best film to fart to. QUOTE ME.