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Monthly Archives: September 2015

OLD MAN premieres online for free! Enjoy. Having. Your. Mind. Melt. For questions and answers please email me at or visit my real website:


Amazing VICE Article:

Cartoon Brew Write Up:

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What do I do when I get an awkward interview for 45 minutes and am not asked anything really? I eat an entire rotisserie chicken without acknowledging the fact that I have a rotisserie chicken and am eating it on stage during a q & a and while talking about working with Vice WHILE cracking a Khan joke.



Basically. It was the most fun I have ever had…ever.


Thank you Ottawa International Animation Film Festival for allowing me to eat chicken on stage and jury the most beautiful films! It was an honor.

Till next year!





Super rad!

Acclaimed filmmaker and animator Leah Shore is officially releasing her short film HALLWAY after a wildly successful international film festival run. This is Leah’s first entirely live action film of which she is also the screenwriter.

HALLWAY is a short genderfuck black-light film shot entirely a secret sex club in Brooklyn. The film tells a story about love wherein a queer couple unleash upon each other a drug-induced, existential barrage of delusion and broken dreams.

Leah is incredibly grateful to everyone who worked on and supported this film. Especially her cast and crew. Thank you!

It’s pretty and insane. Check it out. And then watch again. And then share it.

“OH SHIT.” -Leah’s Mom


 I made yet another RAD Teen Wolf birthday card! This one is for Mr. Dylan O’Brien. He is cool. He also loves to eat fries, ride his Jeep and be a goof on the show! Happy day of birth O’Brien!