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Monthly Archives: April 2015

I did this for VICE! I did it real fast. I learned a lot. Like, who IS Grandmama and Larry Johnson? What DID Converse shoes look like in the 90s especially if I made a dorky STNG reference about it? Well. I guess you will have to see it yourself. Enjoy. Did I mention that I made this really fast? I wish people gave me more time, for Grandmama’s sake!

I am honored to be a jury member for this years Ottawa International Animation Festival  2015!! I am so excited! Thank you, OIAF! 🙂 See you soon, poutine, beaver tails, maple everything, and animation nerds!


I just finished producing, animating and directing a segment for EW digital for the show Justified. It was really fun to make! I wish I had more time to finesse things, luckily I had the talented Chrissy Fellmeth to help animate for me and make this piece even more badass within the tight turn around. Thanks Chrissy! YOU ROCK.

I particularly enjoyed making the watercolor background and wish I had more time to make everything watercolor but that would have taken another few weeks to complete!

Made in 3 weeks.


Dear Broad City Jewesses,


You guys. Should hire me.



The Jewess,

Leah Shore

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So rad!! Thank you NOWNESS. I Love YOU So Much.