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Monthly Archives: March 2015

I ain’t no fool! I am going to this and so should you!

My film I LOVE YOU SO MUCH and the MTV viral hit, Happy Birthday Katy Perry will be playing! PLUS BONUS SPECIAL GUESTS!!!!!!! ! ! !!! !  ! ! ! ! !

YAY! Animation! Yay! I Love You So Much! YAAAY KATY PERRRrrrry!!!!

I am pleased to announce that my previous film, I LOVE YOU SO MUCH will be included in a special screening event: Vimeo Staff Picks Cinema: Director’s Commentary LIVE at SXSW!  DOUBLE FILMS. DOUBLE FUN. HALLWAY. I LOVE YOU SO MUCH. HALLWAY.


Wednesday, March 18

1:45PM – 3:15PM


Vimeo Theater
201 Trinity St

I WILL BE THERE IN PERSON FOR A Q n A! I am sure it could be funny, weird, awkward and more! 🙂 Come join in on all the weirdness! ! !

Also…in celebration I am releasing these awesome, un edited cell phone behind the scenes stills from I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!


A link to  I Love You So Much!


Who knew that the wonderful anus/interior of I Love You So Much was a wonderful ghetto tent?! Thanks Dorian Tocker, Ken Barbera, Jarret Kerr and Crystal Pei 🙂

2013-03-28_12-44-12_557 2013-03-28_12-51-09_460 2013-03-28_12-51-17_321 2013-03-28_12-51-20_580 2013-03-28_13-18-03_309 2013-03-28_13-18-07_945 2013-03-28_13-19-03_830 2013-03-28_15-33-09_544 2013-03-28_15-33-14_803 2013-03-28_19-38-55_479 WP_20130810_001 WP_20130810_002

Attention! If you are interested in receiving a digital press kit of my new film HALLWAY, please email me at leah@leahshore or for more information! Thank you!


Proud that I Love You So Much is included in this wonderful channel!