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Monthly Archives: February 2015

So I made a Facebook page for my new film HALLWAY. Have at it, internet.


Good news! My previous film, I Love You So Much ( can be seen here, ) will be playing at the Atlanta Film Festival in March! Just in time for my premiere of HALLWAY at SXSW! BAD. ASS.


SXSW is the coolest and they just Instagrammed HALLWAY’S still to promote it!! SO COOL!

SXSW also put up the trailer and announced HALLWAYS screening dates, so come on by if you are in Austin in March and watch some crazy stuff!!


I am beyond honored and thrilled to announce that my new live action narrative film, HALLWAY will premiere at SXSW Film Festival 2015. It is my fourth film to play at the fest, but my first live action. I am literally speechless. This is a huge honor. THANK YOU TO EVERYONE WHO HELPED OUT ON THIS FILM AND WHO HAS SUPPORTED ME. I cannot wait to show it at my favorite festival. I cannot wait to make more films, be it animated or live action or a little bit of both!

Thank you:  Henry Roosevelt, Kim Jackson, Jonathan Federico, Fritz Myers, Dorian Tocker, Sarah Stephens, Margaret Singer, Alexandra Tebano, and SO MANY MORE CREW MEMBERS AND SUPPORT. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.



I was hired to write an experimental comicish review Talkhouse Film! READ IT. You will laugh! There are even pictures that I made AND A GIF.

“Most entertaining review ‘ever’!” –Brad Vandergrift

“That actually made me tear up a bit.”Vincent Waller

“Wow, what a creative, humorous, and visually interesting review! I loved how she incorporated the first SpongeBob movie at the beginning of her review. I also liked her comparison of the film to the Muppet movies. This review definitely blows the many SpongeBob-related YouTube reviews out of the water (pun intended).”-Billy C (of Cartoon Brew)

sponge gif