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Monthly Archives: June 2014

Last week I had the pleasure of attending the LA Film Festival and Ghosting Vol.10 in LOS ANGELES!


It was amazing.


Everything LA Film Festival related was just. Amazing. The staff. Amazing. The volunteers. Amazing. The films/filmmakers. AMAAAZING. They were all super supportive and appreciated my film I Love You So Much. I thank you LA FF for making me feel like a queen. It has truly inspired me to make more films/art knowing I have such a supportive group behind me. Thank you.


Ghosting. What’s Ghosting? The coolest monthly curated experimental animation show EVER. If you are ever on the West Coast, specifically the LA region, I highly suggest attending this hip event. It is basically an amazing party celebrating a selection of artists. They play about 15 minutes of the artists work and then there’s time to talk about the art and reflect. I had the pleasure of playing my films with some really talented people, even my friend/RISD alum pal, Caleb Wood! I also drank honey whiskey from a bottle because I am a badass. They also had ongoing 16mm weird films and experimental 3d animation playing outside so if anyone got bored from the amazing inside selection of artists, they could meander outside and watch some amazing demented stuff! THANKS GHOSTING AND YOUR PROGRAMMING SKILLZ!


PS my hair stole the show in the LA Times!