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A lot is happening with stuff. Stuff I cannot talk about. Stuff I can. So I will.

RECENT Awesome things that have happened for me and my art stuff:

1. MEATWAFFLE, my RISD 2009 Undergrad Thesis was inducted into the Sundance Permanent Collection at the UCLA Film Archive. Pretty rad. I am honored.

2. The short viral thang I directed and animated for VICE/Warner Bro’s. Project X Party Legends: Big Sean got accepted into my FAVORITE film festival ever: the Ottawa International Animation Festival. Prepare yourself Canada. I am coming. For your beaver tails. I made this thing in 2-3 days and went insane. And then I too partied.

3. I was interviewed by my pals at Frenzer Forman Animation and CartoonBrew:

4. I met and talked to at length, mr. David Duchovny. He is still seriously good looking.

If things keep getting this fabulous I might just blow up. Like literally. Scanners style.


Stay tuned friends!


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