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So. I am not one to brag (excluding the last post annnnd this post), but, my new film Old Man is beginning to get into quite a few neato festivals. I am specifically excited about Animation Block Party. My film is in a block that opens the fest and shows at Rooftops Film Festival (a festival within a festival I suppose? weird huh?) and it will be screening outside at a high school, a hip high school in Williamsburg BK. I am honored and super psyched!! Also GenArt Film Festival….pretty neat too. They choose 7 features and 7 shorts, pair them together and then play them over a week with each having a party for the two films afterword!! I hope I don’t drink too much, because I am a lightweight. Some awesome alcohol sponsers GenArt too. SHEESH.

What I am most most-ta-ta-ta-ta-most excited about is the Ottawa International Animation Film Festival. I have been going for years and LOVE IT. It all started with my senior RISD trip and I was hooked. I dreamt of having a film of mine play at this über selective and eclectic fest…and now after years of dreaming I will. I am beyond honored, humbled really and cannot wait for my butt to go numb after watching hundreds of animation films. I also need to finally eat a beaver tail. I hear they are the bees knees. I digress. Ottawa. If you are a film enthusiast, animation enthusiast, cool things to do at least once in your life-a-thusiast I highly suggest you go. OLD MAN. Ottawa. Animation Block Party. GenArt. Who could ask for more? I am a very lucky lady.


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