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Daily Archives: February 24th, 2011

I am proud to announce that Melissa Loyola, my friend, roomate and fellow RISD F/A/V grad is helping me carpenter my way for my new short. I am doing a crap load of animation (aprox 6 mins) from hand drawn, computer to cut outs and stop motions, even some pixillation (how do you spell that!?). Luckily Mel is a goddess of basically everything from computers to building…she can do it all! I just hired her to build me a tiny stop motion table and a planer (sp?). I CANT WAIT TO ANIMATE ON IT!! Thanks MEL!!! Mel is awesome. She can make anything in no time! Hire her. Whether it be art director, animator or scenery designer/fabricator she knows her shit. POWER MEL. MELISSA LOYOLA