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I’m making my new short BOOBatary viewable to the world. NOW. At this very moment. WATCH THIS SHIT! You will explode with love for my boobs.

I made it in about a month! I didn’t have a job or anything and decided that I wanted to make a hand drawn animation. I went straight through using a pen, not even checking my previous frames…and this monster was born.

The coloring and audio are my favorite aspects about this short (and the cupcake). My main man composer ALEC HENNINGER ( and I teamed up and recorded crazy shit in one day!! He being a genius put it together into this awesome track! It has a wide range of craziness. At some point it reminds me of PeeWee’s Playhouse. Also the boobies and their movements are flappingly awesome. I think I might have to make another boob short sometime soon.



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