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So my BFF Lee/awesome music lady extraordinaire took me along as her date to the College Music Journal Festival this past week. It was a pretty rad fest. Laid back and shit loads of music nerds! I especially enjoyed staring at burnt out old musicians that were waaaaay too old to be wearing chucks, electric blue leather jackets, long hair with side burns and glasses. fantastic. I also go this sweet laptop bag. Now I need a laptop.

Music was good. and the films….surprisingly pretty damn good. The shorts were (I saw 4) all great! HILARIOUS! one was produced by Dennis Leary. It was amazing. It was a pilot for a TV show set in prison and the people that worked their and how everyone’s relationships were intertwined through things like sex, sperm, depression, all those good things. It was almost like a live action of Superjail! But with much less violence. I saw a horrible feature about some regular 20 something that somehow became the messiah and how the world loved him etc. SHIT. So bad. It was like Inception. They were trying to make the audience/viewer/dumbasses think what they were watching meant a lot more than what it actually was. It should have been a 10 minute short. It was dragged out, and lame. Heather Graham was in it. She did nothing for me. I wish she was wearing skates and was half-naked. It would have made the film much better.

I saw Love and Other Drugs by the director that did Blood Diamond….and. It. Was. Surprisingly….AWESOME. GREAT! I thought it was going to be another shitty chic flick-romantic-comedy-that-wasn’t-really-that-funny-with-hot-people-in-it kind of film, but it was more than that. It was about two people meeting and the struggle of being/falling in love/admitting it. Jake  Gyllenhaal and Anne Hathaway are the two leads in it and they were naked perfection. I swear…I feel like I have seen Miss Hathaways naked body was too much. But anyway…Gyllenhaal played this womanizing/sexfiend pharmaceutical salesman whose never been in love and Hathaway played a sassy 26-year-old artist with stage one Parkinson’s. Sounds sappy…but it was a great portrayal of a relationship, depression, struggles of a 20-something and sex. SEE IT. You will like it. Promise. Even the men will like it. It’s also set in 1996 when Viagra was invented. Very interesting. I think it wasn’t just a romantic comedy…more of a black comedy drama love thing. I’d see it again. Gyllenhaal and the Director came in person which was great. I swear their were only about 70 people in the audience! I feel like most people were busy with the music part of CMJ to go to this.  A true miss and unappreciated section of CMJ (the film). They definitely need to advertise for it better/have  more films.

I then went and saw some hilarious stand up at Comix. I think the highlight of that night was Comedian/performer/artist Reggie Watts. He’s a fucking genius. He did more than make me laugh. He made my mind orgasm. Now. I had no idea who this guy was. He walked in and started mumbling this mashed up, mumbly, ghetto nonsense shit which made noooo sense!! i thought he was crazy which made me laugh. After a while he flawlessly switched his voice into a british accent and started ranting about nothing. HILARIOUS. He then plugged his microphone (so shiny I swear I could see my face in it) in an audio box/electronic thingy and made improve music/rap on the spot. Freakin genius I tell you. He beat-boxed and made it loop and rapped to it rapping about shit from a high mouse being attacked by a monster (then autotuning it at the same time) to CMJ shits, to shit. He is a one man show. More than comedy…or maybe new-aged comedy. He was beyond us. A true pioneer of whatever you call what he was doing. He made me cry he was so funny/smart. I think more people should be as crazy and experimental as him. Especially in the performing arts…no wait…in LIiiife. REGGIE WATTS. I love you.


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    Thanks for LAOD review 🙂

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