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I haven’t posted anything in a while. HIIII!!

Summer has been GROOVY!!! I love the heat and decided and fell in love with New York…its amazing in the summer. So much to do! So little time! Filled with sexy people, delicious foods, movies and FREE CONCERTS.

JESUS. I have been to soooOooo many concerts this summer. Last night I saw the Scissor Sisters. One of my favorite bands and they were definitely on my checklist of to see before I die list. I was supposed to see them at SXSW but unfortunately I booked my flight on the day they preformed 😦

BUT….I finally saw them!!! CENTER. FRONTROW!! amongst the gays!!! AWESOME!! I went with my best friend Lee and my friend Misty. It was great. The opener was Casey Spooner…OMG. I had no idea he was gonna perform! I love him and Fisherspooner!! guilty pleasure. He was fabulous. Dressed in a silver suit reminiscent of Pewee Herman…but a sexy gay Pewee. He had a curtain backdrop that reminded me of Celine Dions music video, oh, whats it called….”when you touch me like this…blah blah….baby baby baaaaby….etc.”. He preformed by himself and sang to already recorded music. Apparently Mr.Sheers called him last-minute to tour. It was like a mixture of cock-tail hour/karaoke/theatrical performance. He rocked it.  All by himself. It was really impressive and inspiring. He had dance moves to each song and his facial expressions were right on.

The Scissor Sisters were of course fabulous. Their outfits were pretty trendy also. I couldn’t stop staring at the guitarist for he had the tightest pants I have EVER seen. Seriously. I could see his penis. Also. Their backup singer wass waaaaaay sexy!!! She had the biggest boobies I have EVER seen….not really. But they were pretty big. It didn’t help in that she wore a tight spandex shirt thing with a deeeeeeep see-through v that went to her groin. She also wore Sandy from Grease pants. HOT. Jake Shears was of e a sexy beast. I love him. He is so talented. He basically paraded the whole time naked. I was ok with that. Ana Matronic  was as fashionably awesome. Power to the pale. She rocked it and had the coolest Scissor Sister/futuristic tattoo. She wore a 50s/modern dress that was silver and showed her tummy. sex.

They played old and new stuff…the perfect mix. It was VERY loud. My ears hurt. I feel old. I wish that I could hear them sing better or maybe I just went deaf from the subwoofer.

The finale ended with scissor sister confetti. All in all, I’d say it was a great concert…Oh. and Susan Sarandon, Katy Perry, a famous American Idol gay man who I don’t know and a famous drag queen were there. they sat in the VIP section. Pretty cool.

Other concerts I saw this summer….

the Once duo, the Low Anthem, the Roots, Blitz the Ambassador, PUBLIC ENEMY (Flavor Flav rapped to me. again, I was front row), Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings, Sonic Youth….Theres more, but I forget at the moment. GREAT SUMMER!!!!! I can’t wait for next summer!

Other things happening….

Working on my short called OLD MAN…It’s gonna be interesting. Finished editing the audio…now animating. I’m building a TINY stop-motion table to fit in my room to make crazy shit. I can’t wait to see what it looks like…I have to finish by late December (5 minutes)…IM GOING TO DIE!!!!!! and GO CRAZYYYY!!!!! YAAAY! Keep an eye out for updates…..

Other stuff? Hanging with awesome friends, throwing awesomely themed parties and enjoying life. For some reason I have really gotten into that show called Bones. So good. Prospect Park in the summer is Dynamite!


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