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I haven’t written in a while buuUuuut…last weekend was AMAZING!!!

I first went to Rhode Island, specifically Providence, specifically, spaciffacallly RISD. It was like I never left. Went to the senior FAV show and saw some FANTASTIC FILMS!! I wish I was in school still making awesomeness. I feel like one doesn’t truly appreciate college until you’re out and dying and poor. I got to see all my friends and then some. Saw some great teachers. All in all, I’d say it was great! I wish Providence was closer!

I then went to Boston and hungout with some old amazing roommates. We ate a loooot of food. I liking food was okay with this decision. We went to this nifty diner place with amazing art on the walls…

this was a bathroom…shoulda seen the inside!!! CRAZY SHIT! HA!

I then hungout with some great SXSW buddies ie the Future Machine aka the cool people aka kick-ass people who should move to nyc. we talked about chocolate, poop, life, booze and sex. ALL OF MY FAVORITE TOPICS! Wish I got to see them more, I feel like we would have INSANE adventures.

NOW. Coming back to NYC SUCKED. I have heard stories about this Fung-wah, but just thought it was talk and or people embellish the shit out of everything. NO. They were right. NEVER AGAIN!!!!

FIRSTLY….the bus broke down. IN CONNETICUT! EW! We had to wait for another bus to come which had people in it already. I then was forced to sit in the back RIGHT NEXT TO THE BATHROOM. now. if you have never been in this fung-wah bus, you have no idea what these bathrooms look like. they are not your typical bus bathroom. the doors dont lock sometimes, the screen covering you from the outside world is a piece of folded fabric that revealse your privates at every bump. and the toilet. THE TOILET!!! it was like someone dug out a hole in plastic. no seat cover. basically a cone hole. and the SMELL. JEEEZUS. the SMELL. urine for days. I feel like they never once cleaned that thing. needless to say I was smelling pee the whole ride back. and when someone walked in the door whoffed a load of pee smell into my nose and mouth. i felt like a bathroom. this old man stepped in to go to the bathroom. i turn and look around and the door flings open revealing the old man going to the bathroom!! i “eeped” and closed the door for him.

then. seriously, the LAST 10 minutes, we were arriving. we were in the city. some dude could not hold it. for those ten minutes. HE POOPED IN THE BATHROOM. I CANNOT CONVEY THE SMELL THAT MY BODY SMELT/FELT/ABSORBED. I THINK I DIED THAT DAY.




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