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Daily Archives: April 5th, 2010


Believe it or not…up until today…I have not seen David Lynch’s ERASERHEAD. Everyone for years have been telling me to watch it and I suppose I hadn’t just to defy everyone else. I’m stupid. What the fuck Leah. What the fuck.
Jesus. ha. today’s Easter. Happy Easter you all who celebrate it! I don’t. But. I like chocolate. and bunnies. and eggs, sometimes.

David Lynch. Should watch my Meatwaffle and other stuff and we should make a sweet sweet film baby. It would be crazy.

I would definitely meditate with him also.

Apparently he’s really into that and transcendentalism.

Eraserhead was supposedly his response to living/going to school in Philly. AMAZING. or more like…SAMESIES…in that I’m from Philly.

How does one contact him? My producer knows someone who’s friends with him, perhaps I will persuade him to gimmie a contact address/email/cellular telephone. Do you think David Lynch has a cellular telephone? I would think he would have an old suitcase-phone. I’d have one. If I could find one.

there’s a lot to ponder about now…I feel inspired. I will go write my feature now…and animate…Yeaaah!


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