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Monthly Archives: April 2010

People are emailing and asking if any of my drawings are for sale…well. YES. They are.


EMAIL MEEEE while I figure out how to do some spiffy paypal thingamajig page thing.

Want a custom painting? drawing? stills from an animation? photocopy of my bum? CAN DO!

say whaaaat?

go. touch yourself while thinking about my art.

Hey there.

How ya doin?

Long time no chat. I missed you.



is now available on INDIEFLIX!!! RENT,BUY, Streeeeam it!


YAAAAy Indie!

That makes me want to watch Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom. My favorite. Apparently this girl I went to school with’s uncle played that freaky shaman who ripped out peoples hearts in that film. I can definitely recite the lines he says while he rips out the hearts. weird.



Forgot to post this…another addition to my randomly cool trashcans collection…taken at Rockaway beach last weekend. It was a very misty day. It seriously looked like a horror movie. I was expecting an ax murderer to pop out of this very trashcan. Or a small person. A small person ax murderer. Yes. Scary. I know.

Did I mention I submitted to the SXSW Poster Contest of Doom? I did. I obnoxiously submitted two versions for Meatwaffle. One having nothing really to do with the film itself, which I think is Hilariouus. Check it!

ps. the winning poster was of a horse. wtf.  people have no cahones.

Equestrian Sexual Response poster

heres my first recockulous one…

Meatwaffle (Poster 1)

and my Meaty one…

Meatwafffle (Poster 2)


Believe it or not…up until today…I have not seen David Lynch’s ERASERHEAD. Everyone for years have been telling me to watch it and I suppose I hadn’t just to defy everyone else. I’m stupid. What the fuck Leah. What the fuck.
Jesus. ha. today’s Easter. Happy Easter you all who celebrate it! I don’t. But. I like chocolate. and bunnies. and eggs, sometimes.

David Lynch. Should watch my Meatwaffle and other stuff and we should make a sweet sweet film baby. It would be crazy.

I would definitely meditate with him also.

Apparently he’s really into that and transcendentalism.

Eraserhead was supposedly his response to living/going to school in Philly. AMAZING. or more like…SAMESIES…in that I’m from Philly.

How does one contact him? My producer knows someone who’s friends with him, perhaps I will persuade him to gimmie a contact address/email/cellular telephone. Do you think David Lynch has a cellular telephone? I would think he would have an old suitcase-phone. I’d have one. If I could find one.

there’s a lot to ponder about now…I feel inspired. I will go write my feature now…and animate…Yeaaah!


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