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SXSW!! I went! Austin Texas people! So AWESOME! I stayed with my friends Eric, Jeff and Ben and had a blast! I basically met great people, hung out with amazing filmmakers and watched films till my ass fell off! All in all, Id say it was a perfect time. The theaters were like restaurants and you could order foods and booze while at the movies! AMAZING! I spent all my money on food and booze. I am moneyless right now, but it was worth it!

The weather was PERFECT!!! T-shirts and skirts the whole time. I might have gotten a wee bit burnt, but hey, I am vampire and need some burning action once in a while.

I had the honor/pleasure for my film to play/compete next to the famous Guy Maddin!!! I met his cinematographer! He was too cool for school. I also met some AMAZING filmmakers! It was seriously like camp for grown-ups. It again was a total sausage fest, which I loved. Ah…hanging out with adorable, awkward filmmakers is the bane of my existence. From talking nerd to seeing DEVO!!! AHHH! I MET DEVO! or the two remaining people of DEVO!!! but I met them! I gave em my DVD and hope to dear Zeus they will watch it.

Some cool films I saw?? well…the Midnight Shorts and basically all the Narrative Shorts were pretty great! Finally saw Tub…I suggest that the whole world watch it. It will change your soul and make you want to fuck a tub. I saw a film called ‘Have You Seen My Hair’ made by some COOL and talented Boston Boys…Chris Maggio and John Wilson with ingenious help by Kevin Brunswick…a music video-esque short shot from POV with great weird shots reminiscent of Being John Malkovitch (one of my fav movies of all time) and Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind…I don’t want to ruin it, watch it.

Some other Fab stuff I saw were well…ALL of the Experimental Shorts, Jeff Drew and Peter Ahern’s animation shorts (their stuff is brilliant…go watch it…also ENTER THE VOID!!! MY GOD>AMAZING!!! visually stunning. It’s like being on LSD…at least that’s what I think it would be like. The colors are bright NEONS and the whole film has a flicker/strobe effect which is brilliant. it reflects the cameras POV with blinking and the lighting and colors mime the blinking!! CRAZY!!! I hear I have to see more films by Gaspar Noe. I think he’s ahead of his time. Just the credits alone reflected a hodgepodge of Japanese infused epileptic futuristic animation that seriously blew my mind. Chunks of my brain remain at the Alamo Drafhouse in Austin. Best shit EVER. The only bad thing I have to say about this thing is a. yes, they did indeed enter that void and b. the film was TOO long!!!! TOOOOO LONG. Nothing should be longer than 2 hours. No one has the attention span for that anymore. Jesus, Gasper. Shouldnt you of all people know that? With your cool futuristic titles and trippy color coma induced lights?? huh? yeah? well. Dont do it again. Good thing one of the last shots was a POV of a vagina getting pounded via penis. you saved yourself for now Gasper.

I wish I stayed longer and had more energy to see music events…I saw a band called Tanlines play. They rocked and are actually from NYC! Perhaps I can convince them that I should make them a music video. They sound like a sweet sweet love child of Coldplay, Vampire Weekend and the Knife. SEXY. Im SAD I didn’t get to see Scissor Sisters preform. I’m sure they were brilliant. Some day I will see them. Before I die I will.

On that note. Austin. AMAZING. Go there! Meet DEVO. Watch vaginas and penis’. Meet cool gay filmmakers and awesome Bostonians. Talk to people that fuck Tubs. And above all people…drink while watching movies at the Alamo Lamar Drafthouse and then maybe mosey on to the Highball for Supprreeeme Karaoke, bowling and Highballs that will get you drunk off your balls.



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