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Word. The Channel Fredarator featured meatwaffle on their site…

also read the sweet interview with Bailee DesRocher and read what my favorite curse word is or a term of endearment some would say…..

good show, good show. Shes a funny one that Bailee.

On another note, got into SXSW and am going to the sweet sweet Austin March 12-20th. Hit me up if your going! we will watch a flick or grove to some muzak. My manager/bestie Lee and I are DRIVING to Austin. Yes! DRIVING. FROM NY to AUSTIN in the span of 2 days! CRAZY! I hope we don’t die. wish us luck. will update soon!

I have an AWESOME project coming up…keep an eye out!



  1. Congrats on SXSW! And good luck on that road trip!

    Farts & Wieners 4-Ever,

  2. Thanks Bailee! Hope all is well in LA! I wish you were in NY! Then we could be real life friends, but I suppose digital is just as good-ish…some day…some day, my mustache wearing friend.

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