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SUNDANCE 2010…in the great Park City UTAH I went. The “city” is 10000 feet above sea level nicely nestled in and on monumentous mountains. It was a fantastic town, each house being color coded to look like a pop-up book or a gingerbread house. Ski lifts molested the city, as it should, because that was the BEST snow I have ever seen. SERIOUSLY. you think, naw, she’s just crazy (true), theirs snow all over. it all looks the same. NOT.

In all my years of viewing snow, all 23, this Utah snow was the most beautifully perfect snow I have ever laid my eyes on. The most perfect snowflakes are born in Utah. perfect little gems that sparkle even at night.

I didn’t even mind the cold. It wasnt like the East Coast cold, it was a milder, dry cold. not like nycs death-cold that literally slaps you in the face with winters wrath.

So what better place to have a GIGANTIC film festival?

All the directors (or most of) were amazingly nice and a pleasure to have met. I think this is the most I have ever networked in my life. I’m still recuperating. I met directors, producers, celebrities, doctors, and every thing industry related. Parties every night, you have to choose which you will attend because there are so many. Free music performances. SWAG.
NOW. I think if I ever go to Sundance again and have a film in the damn thing, I would bring/hire a publicist. They know where it’s at. I think they have a sixth sense for finding a. Swag and b. publicity/attention

They are starving for both and I’m clueless about both. Their were free things given in the street, white tents that you needed to show a credential to get into, even elaborate instructions for codes and bouncer names to get into specific swag suites. it was crazy!

Most of my time at Sundance was networking and partying. I mostly stuck around the animators (shocker) and some other select directors the whole time. man. them animators were fantastic. all sweet, genuine dudes. extremely talented too. it was an honor having my dinky short being played next to these artists. I think animators tend to stick together, at least that is what i have observed at festivals. I hope to bump into these chaps again! maybe even work with them!

the directors brunch was surreal. I believe we went to Sundances ranchy-real headquarters-redfords estate-like place that had skiing. all the directors were whisked away via bus into more mountains to this place where we had a fantastically delicious brunch. some celebs were there too. Robby was their obviously. That dude from Entourage. mark ruffalo. adorable. and of course bill gates? billl gates. well. he was standing their by himself munching on some cheese and bread, so i decided, when the hell else would i speak or be near bill gates and went up to him. i asked him why the heck he was at such a gathering (i stupidly didn’t know at the time that his bing, ha, was at sundance and apparently he supported a film that was in the fest. dumb leah.)….anyway. i asked him why he was here. he laughed and said that he has a passion for film and wanted to meet the fellow filmmakers. so. i introduced myself told him a lil ditty about my short, shook his hand, said it was a pleasure to have met him and then walked over to Robert Redford. My friend and fellow animator Jeff Drew and I decided that it would be best to double team the Redford, so we did. We talked about short films and animations and Redford told us how much he appreciated both etc. the whole time he stared at my hair. if you look in the pic i have here, hes still looking. or maybe hes just lost. i like that his sweater is a bit sheer. u sexy, Redford you.

Im tired. I will update the rest of this report tomorrow. till then my readers, till then…..

On another note involving Sundance….I was talking to this cute guy and later found out it was an actor from Mad Men! HA! I think we look adorable here…..


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