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sex me now.


I can finally tell the world that I got into Sundance and Slamdance. CRAAAAaaaZY!

Unfortunately little Utah will not allow my to be in both festies. apparently I cannot premiere my Meatwaffle (MEATWAFFLE) at both festies in the same state. I feel like they’re fighting. Why can the festies get along? Why cant I play my Meaty-Meat-waffle at both. Im honored to be in both festivals and would love to attend both. what the heck!! So I have contemplated about this for about 2 weeks and was forced to pick just one.

I went with SUNDANCE.

Sorry Slamdance. I really am. Perhaps some other time? I feel like I just cheated on a boyfriend and just confessed. I feel horrible, but I had no choice! I was forced to pick! Why cant I have both? Some Mormons can have more than one wife…why cant I have more than one festival? Id love them equally and unconditionally.

oh well.

Im excited to go to Sundance and meet the people of Utah.

I think Sundance should have a “filmmakers are very VERY poor, especially ones who just graduated from a ridiculously expensive college and who are working on pro bono commercials for Amnesty in nyc…so give them your money and support and pay them to go to Sundance” fund.

I need a sugar daddy. now. perhaps I will prostitute my feet out. I have recently found strange foot fetish ads on Craigslist and have contemplated on whether or not I should apply for them. Why not get a foot massage and worshiped while getting paid? It would pay for my trip to the cold cold Utah and Sundance. foot prostitution it is…

stay tuned.


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