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Coolness. Im on Cartoon Brew which rocks my socks off! Im feeling soo pee in my pants happy!


Jerry writes: This is either genius or nonsense…


I personally think its genius-sense. I think that in a lot of art if its not blatantly explained then its torn to shreds. why does something have to have a straight narrative?? I thought that art means to express whatever someone wants to express be that nonsensical nonsense or commercial narrative. People are afraid to amerce themselves completely and just let it happen (i hope that made some sense). What I like is that it can have many different meanings to many different people. Its like a magical eight ball. but hey. EVERYONE’S A CRITIC!! They have their damn right to judge whatever is presented. Go judge MEATWAFFLE world, go judge!

on a kinda seperate thought….


It’s DA BOMB!! Waay better/more effective way to view/show/upload videos! I suggest that EVERYONE in the whole damn world best switch to the vimeo. who knew. i didn’t.


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