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Today I had the pleasure of going to the Star Trek Experience at the Franklin Institute with my pal Beffiwums. It was a groovy time. I wore my authentic Next Generation Pin and was ready to get on trekkin. I was expecting more scientific star trek stuff and trivia, but most of it were costumes and some props from all the Star Treks. Their were a few amaaazing things such as the Next Generation Bridge! I sat in the captains chair and apparently we weren’t allowed to take pictures unless we wanted to buy them, but luckily Beffy and I are sooo stealth that we snuck some awesome pics!

The props from the shows are HILARIOUS!! they look like horrible projects a 8th grader made. most were made from wood/plastic and painted with acrylic. I think the most funniest piece was this gambling spinny thing that was suppose to look futuristic, but had cut out stickers all over it! HA!

They also had a large collection of busts. My favorite was datas with datas dismembered body-parts.

It was a short show and I think it was waaaaay over priced, luckily beff and I got student discounts, otherwise I don’t think it is worth it. The best part was pushing fake buttons on the enterprise with peoples names on them and taking sweet-ass pics.

Niiiice. sweet






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