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crack kills and smells like clean bathroom

crack kills and smells like clean bathroom

Yesterday my brother, my friend Tim and I went to Centralia PA. If you have no idea what Centralia PA is well its a ghost town with coal mines that has been on fire since 1962. They evacuated the town (still has a few inhabitants) and blocked a strip of route 61. Certain parts had piles of coal and holes with a clean bathroom smelling steam rising from the coal. I could feel the heat from the fire! crazy! The best part was the cut off highway. the ground was and still is heavily effected by the fire and it looks like its about to burst. Their are huge cracks which remind me of ghostbusters and spew steam bathroom smelling toxins from them. Also their is a lot of graffiti. My favorite was “HAM LEG”. People are also really into graffiti penis’. who isn’t?

We hiked along the highway on top of HUGE coal hills and got attacked by small green bugs. All in all I would say this was a great adventure.

We drove my moms 4 wheel drive Subaru throughout a coal road which had strange burnt objects like a baby’s crib, a car to a deteriorated tire. Trees were burnt. Large puddles were everywhere. It felt almost like a horror movie. Actually Silent Hill is based on Centralia, so that makes sense.

Also neat wind turbines were on hills near the town. THEY WERE GIGANTIC!!!!

We also went to a small ice cream shop called May’s that had extremely cheap ice cream, slush puppies and a scary-ass panda trashcan that could eat you. Its eyes were tiny little dots that could convince anyone to stick their head into its mouth. Tim did.

good day!



    • Ham Leg
    • Posted February 3, 2010 at 7:18 am
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    I’m glad you like my tag, haha 🙂
    Centralia is my favorite.

  1. thats a FANTASTIC tag! you rock!

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