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I am going up to Ottawa to attend the coolest animation festival EVER: the Ottawa International Animation Film Festival!! I even have the great honor of having my new film Old Man in competition!! I can honestly say, that I have never been more excited in my LIFE then to attend this festival this year. I have so many supportive friends/industry friends that I may just explode with happiness. Stay tuned for a review! :D


Hey! I recently had the honor of making a quick intro for Vice’s new show, Experimental Music. It is an awesome show that has a musician with a host and they talk shop while doing a science experiment! Bill Nye would be proud. So would David Byrne.

Last night I had the honor of having my new film, Old Man screen at GenArts opening night before the feature Missed Connections. The ultimate highlight of the night was seeing ALAN Freaking RICKMAN at my screening. MEANING. Professor Snape has officially gone to see my film. Meaning. I am a wizard. BEST MOMENT EVER. Oh and GenArt was pretty rad all around. Great people. Great party. Great movies. :)

It was a great turn out last night at the opening of the Animation Block Party at Rooftop Film Festival! I had my friends, fellow animators, and my mom with me and it was perfect. It didn’t even thunderstorm! Thank Zeus!
Two cool things.
Ottawa Finally announces the film lineup! I have really talented friends and they are also in the fest! Joy Vaccese, Ian Miller, Christy Karacas, Michael Langan and more!

Also Jerry Beck just wrote up a two new short film to watch out for at Ottawa write up!! I am super happy about that and am again grateful for all the support. :)

Again. Super happy. Talented friends. Animation appreciation. A girl could get used to this.

this sums up my feelings…



So. I am not one to brag (excluding the last post annnnd this post), but, my new film Old Man is beginning to get into quite a few neato festivals. I am specifically excited about Animation Block Party. My film is in a block that opens the fest and shows at Rooftops Film Festival (a festival within a festival I suppose? weird huh?) and it will be screening outside at a high school, a hip high school in Williamsburg BK. I am honored and super psyched!! Also GenArt Film Festival….pretty neat too. They choose 7 features and 7 shorts, pair them together and then play them over a week with each having a party for the two films afterword!! I hope I don’t drink too much, because I am a lightweight. Some awesome alcohol sponsers GenArt too. SHEESH.

What I am most most-ta-ta-ta-ta-most excited about is the Ottawa International Animation Film Festival. I have been going for years and LOVE IT. It all started with my senior RISD trip and I was hooked. I dreamt of having a film of mine play at this über selective and eclectic fest…and now after years of dreaming I will. I am beyond honored, humbled really and cannot wait for my butt to go numb after watching hundreds of animation films. I also need to finally eat a beaver tail. I hear they are the bees knees. I digress. Ottawa. If you are a film enthusiast, animation enthusiast, cool things to do at least once in your life-a-thusiast I highly suggest you go. OLD MAN. Ottawa. Animation Block Party. GenArt. Who could ask for more? I am a very lucky lady.

I just wanted to say. That I believe I am one of the fastest animators around. I have been hired by Vice and a few other companies as of late, and the one thing they have in common is the need for speed. FAST. I have not only made funny, psychedelic virals ie. Big Sean, Kreayshawn, Travi Mccoy, and more, but have made them seriously fast. Like right now. I am animating Snoop Dogg. Who is the man, no diggity. But the short/opus is three minutes long. THREE MINUTOS LONGO. I have had 5 days to animate this. This is retardedly fast. And I finished it too. For those who don’t get how ridiculously fast that is, it normally takes me a month to animate a good one minute of animation. It’s like I am on crack. Or fire. Whatever it is, I kind of like it and hope to get more FAST work like this. It’s like solving a puzzle at the speed of a gagillion. and I get to do it all in my underwear. GOOD TIMES. NO SLEEP. THUG LIFE.

My new film OLD MAN won 3rd place best experimental at ASIFA EAST AWARDS last night. Here’s a rad link where Amid says some super kind words about the film. HOLLER.


You know that cool hilarious tv show Betty White has? Of Their Rockers? WELP. I’m ON IT!!! they made it look like i did’nt know it was a prank, but I did. They edited it. LAME, buuuut hilarious. And of course I was’nt wearing makeup and was having a terrible day. They can sense it, the producers. They prey on the vulnerablyawesome….

GO TO 9:08

betty white


HEY! The awesome Vice/Warner Bros hired me agaaaain to make an animation voiced by the fab KREAYSHAWN! I had 2 and a half days and seriously could not have done it without my friend Diana Chao. She rocks. ENJOY!


Hey guys!

I just finished animating a short 2 minute story that is retold by Big Sean! I was hired by VICE/Project X to animate whatever I wanted to along with the audio….this is what I made, in 4, yes 4 days. Which is crazy for an animation….ENJOY!!!

Big Sean

Hey All!

Just posting this awesome commercial that was directed by Spencer Morin. I was hired to make all of the sets including the animatable volcano (replacements), tongue, and daisy!


fabrications baby!

Director/indie work…

Commercial Animation REEL 2012!!! WATCH IT.

HEY GUYS! In the spirit of the Holiday season, I once again made a short animation on my “free” time. I made it in a month or so while I was freelancing and finishing my new film, OLD MAN.

Feel free to reshare this a kajillion times! HAPPY HOLIDAYS! Suck my dick.

My pal Richard O’Connor let me design/make one of the bumper signal films for this years Ottawa International Film Festival. It was a blast!

Check it ooout!

read this and please! SEE THE FILM!!!



Hey! Check dis shit out if you’re an animation nerd, or just interested in what happens in animations and the process. Smearing is a style that is used for motion blurs and inbetweening in animation. This sight posts still smears from various animations…
animation smears

YAOW! read my new article about the forever awesome Michael Langan, my fellow freind, animator, innovator, filmmaker….

Michael BANGIN

read my new review on SXSW 2011′s animated Polish feature Jez Jerzey (George the Hedgehog)!!!!!¡¡¡¡

Dr.Poops loves JEZ JERZEY


My friend Bastien Dubois’ short film Madagascar, Carnet De Voyage is nominated for an oscar!!! OMG! ITs an AMAZING short and I hope it beats Pixars short. It’s by far a better film and I personally think aesthetically Bastiens film blows any other short animation out of the water! He uses so many mediums from 3d animation to actual sewn animation. GENIUS.

I met Bastien officially at the Ottawa International Animation Festival, but really got to know him while I was at Sundance 2010 (our films were in the animation block together).

Not only is he a sweetheart, but he’s a freaking talented beast. I sure hope the academy recognizes him tonight! GO BASTIEN!!!!

Bastien Dubois

Hey all! Read my review about Alex Taylor’s new short, Release The Flying Monkeys. What Waaaaat.

Release The Flying Monkeys!

I am proud to announce that Melissa Loyola, my friend, roomate and fellow RISD F/A/V grad is helping me carpenter my way for my new short. I am doing a crap load of animation (aprox 6 mins) from hand drawn, computer to cut outs and stop motions, even some pixillation (how do you spell that!?). Luckily Mel is a goddess of basically everything from computers to building…she can do it all! I just hired her to build me a tiny stop motion table and a planer (sp?). I CANT WAIT TO ANIMATE ON IT!! Thanks MEL!!! Mel is awesome. She can make anything in no time! Hire her. Whether it be art director, animator or scenery designer/fabricator she knows her shit. POWER MEL. MELISSA LOYOLA

Just as I was surfing on the net having insomnia at 5am, I came across this lil blurb about the animators at Sundance 2010. Its lovely. Read it. My name is in it meaning I am the coolest cat around.




My new short BOOBatary will preimere at SXSW 2011 this march in the animated section!!!

YAAAAY!! THATS RIGHT! My boobs will be screened on the big screen in HD.

I just wished it came in 3d. 3d BOOBS = best thing ever.

are yooou planning to attend SXSW?! ME TOO! Come say howdy to me in person!



I write for this awesome film and music blog called 100 Down…check out my latest review about a weird film called Trick ‘R Treat…

Trick \’R Treat Smell My Feet….


I’m making my new short BOOBatary viewable to the world. NOW. At this very moment. WATCH THIS SHIT! You will explode with love for my boobs.

I made it in about a month! I didn’t have a job or anything and decided that I wanted to make a hand drawn animation. I went straight through using a pen, not even checking my previous frames…and this monster was born.

The coloring and audio are my favorite aspects about this short (and the cupcake). My main man composer ALEC HENNINGER ( and I teamed up and recorded crazy shit in one day!! He being a genius put it together into this awesome track! It has a wide range of craziness. At some point it reminds me of PeeWee’s Playhouse. Also the boobies and their movements are flappingly awesome. I think I might have to make another boob short sometime soon.



Because I love the Scissor Sisters so much in my spare time I designed two album covers for their remix contest! YOU ALL SHOULD GO ONLINE LOOK AT THEM AND VOTE FOR THEM, IE. LIKE THEM ON FACEBOOK AND SHARE THEM!!!!


Read this awesome article I wrote for this AWESOME new blog called 100 Down!! The article is about Bruce Springsteen’s new Doc, and I rip it to SHREDS. I’m the Shredder of the interweb…


This is the scariest thing ive seen in a while…I cant keep my eyes off of it. its mesmerizing.


I made this special e-card JUST FOR YOU!!


hey all…i decided i was bored of drawing and made this sculpture sketch for an idea of a character im thinking of. hes not done yet…in fact. hes going to eventually be a she. a gorgeous she. i made this in 2 hrs. here’s a quicktime of me ‘animating’ it using my sweet non smart phone. the other stills are from my non smart phone.

So my BFF Lee/awesome music lady extraordinaire took me along as her date to the College Music Journal Festival this past week. It was a pretty rad fest. Laid back and shit loads of music nerds! I especially enjoyed staring at burnt out old musicians that were waaaaay too old to be wearing chucks, electric blue leather jackets, long hair with side burns and glasses. fantastic. I also go this sweet laptop bag. Now I need a laptop.

Music was good. and the films….surprisingly pretty damn good. The shorts were (I saw 4) all great! HILARIOUS! one was produced by Dennis Leary. It was amazing. It was a pilot for a TV show set in prison and the people that worked their and how everyone’s relationships were intertwined through things like sex, sperm, depression, all those good things. It was almost like a live action of Superjail! But with much less violence. I saw a horrible feature about some regular 20 something that somehow became the messiah and how the world loved him etc. SHIT. So bad. It was like Inception. They were trying to make the audience/viewer/dumbasses think what they were watching meant a lot more than what it actually was. It should have been a 10 minute short. It was dragged out, and lame. Heather Graham was in it. She did nothing for me. I wish she was wearing skates and was half-naked. It would have made the film much better.

I saw Love and Other Drugs by the director that did Blood Diamond….and. It. Was. Surprisingly….AWESOME. GREAT! I thought it was going to be another shitty chic flick-romantic-comedy-that-wasn’t-really-that-funny-with-hot-people-in-it kind of film, but it was more than that. It was about two people meeting and the struggle of being/falling in love/admitting it. Jake  Gyllenhaal and Anne Hathaway are the two leads in it and they were naked perfection. I swear…I feel like I have seen Miss Hathaways naked body was too much. But anyway…Gyllenhaal played this womanizing/sexfiend pharmaceutical salesman whose never been in love and Hathaway played a sassy 26-year-old artist with stage one Parkinson’s. Sounds sappy…but it was a great portrayal of a relationship, depression, struggles of a 20-something and sex. SEE IT. You will like it. Promise. Even the men will like it. It’s also set in 1996 when Viagra was invented. Very interesting. I think it wasn’t just a romantic comedy…more of a black comedy drama love thing. I’d see it again. Gyllenhaal and the Director came in person which was great. I swear their were only about 70 people in the audience! I feel like most people were busy with the music part of CMJ to go to this.  A true miss and unappreciated section of CMJ (the film). They definitely need to advertise for it better/have  more films.

I then went and saw some hilarious stand up at Comix. I think the highlight of that night was Comedian/performer/artist Reggie Watts. He’s a fucking genius. He did more than make me laugh. He made my mind orgasm. Now. I had no idea who this guy was. He walked in and started mumbling this mashed up, mumbly, ghetto nonsense shit which made noooo sense!! i thought he was crazy which made me laugh. After a while he flawlessly switched his voice into a british accent and started ranting about nothing. HILARIOUS. He then plugged his microphone (so shiny I swear I could see my face in it) in an audio box/electronic thingy and made improve music/rap on the spot. Freakin genius I tell you. He beat-boxed and made it loop and rapped to it rapping about shit from a high mouse being attacked by a monster (then autotuning it at the same time) to CMJ shits, to shit. He is a one man show. More than comedy…or maybe new-aged comedy. He was beyond us. A true pioneer of whatever you call what he was doing. He made me cry he was so funny/smart. I think more people should be as crazy and experimental as him. Especially in the performing arts…no wait…in LIiiife. REGGIE WATTS. I love you.

HEY! Here’s a sexyass lady I painted for an album design contest…not done yet. This is just the beginning of some sexy sexy ladies.  I did this in about 2 hours. word. what should her name be?

HOLY FUCK GUYS. Some how Vice magazine found a photo of me dressed up for a 60s party. At least I’m a DO. I am completely embarrassed though. I can’t believe some of these comments!!!!! I was just dressing up for a party!!! AHHHHH!!

I’ve decided that when I’m bored I will make a walk cycle in a day. Here’s my first one…I think I really just focused on the face, but whatever. I made it. In a day-ish (less).

Hey. just did an update on my reel…. check it. holler.

I haven’t posted anything in a while. HIIII!!

Summer has been GROOVY!!! I love the heat and decided and fell in love with New York…its amazing in the summer. So much to do! So little time! Filled with sexy people, delicious foods, movies and FREE CONCERTS.

JESUS. I have been to soooOooo many concerts this summer. Last night I saw the Scissor Sisters. One of my favorite bands and they were definitely on my checklist of to see before I die list. I was supposed to see them at SXSW but unfortunately I booked my flight on the day they preformed :(

BUT….I finally saw them!!! CENTER. FRONTROW!! amongst the gays!!! AWESOME!! I went with my best friend Lee and my friend Misty. It was great. The opener was Casey Spooner…OMG. I had no idea he was gonna perform! I love him and Fisherspooner!! guilty pleasure. He was fabulous. Dressed in a silver suit reminiscent of Pewee Herman…but a sexy gay Pewee. He had a curtain backdrop that reminded me of Celine Dions music video, oh, whats it called….”when you touch me like this…blah blah….baby baby baaaaby….etc.”. He preformed by himself and sang to already recorded music. Apparently Mr.Sheers called him last-minute to tour. It was like a mixture of cock-tail hour/karaoke/theatrical performance. He rocked it.  All by himself. It was really impressive and inspiring. He had dance moves to each song and his facial expressions were right on.

The Scissor Sisters were of course fabulous. Their outfits were pretty trendy also. I couldn’t stop staring at the guitarist for he had the tightest pants I have EVER seen. Seriously. I could see his penis. Also. Their backup singer wass waaaaaay sexy!!! She had the biggest boobies I have EVER seen….not really. But they were pretty big. It didn’t help in that she wore a tight spandex shirt thing with a deeeeeeep see-through v that went to her groin. She also wore Sandy from Grease pants. HOT. Jake Shears was of e a sexy beast. I love him. He is so talented. He basically paraded the whole time naked. I was ok with that. Ana Matronic  was as fashionably awesome. Power to the pale. She rocked it and had the coolest Scissor Sister/futuristic tattoo. She wore a 50s/modern dress that was silver and showed her tummy. sex.

They played old and new stuff…the perfect mix. It was VERY loud. My ears hurt. I feel old. I wish that I could hear them sing better or maybe I just went deaf from the subwoofer.

The finale ended with scissor sister confetti. All in all, I’d say it was a great concert…Oh. and Susan Sarandon, Katy Perry, a famous American Idol gay man who I don’t know and a famous drag queen were there. they sat in the VIP section. Pretty cool.

Other concerts I saw this summer….

the Once duo, the Low Anthem, the Roots, Blitz the Ambassador, PUBLIC ENEMY (Flavor Flav rapped to me. again, I was front row), Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings, Sonic Youth….Theres more, but I forget at the moment. GREAT SUMMER!!!!! I can’t wait for next summer!

Other things happening….

Working on my short called OLD MAN…It’s gonna be interesting. Finished editing the audio…now animating. I’m building a TINY stop-motion table to fit in my room to make crazy shit. I can’t wait to see what it looks like…I have to finish by late December (5 minutes)…IM GOING TO DIE!!!!!! and GO CRAZYYYY!!!!! YAAAY! Keep an eye out for updates…..

Other stuff? Hanging with awesome friends, throwing awesomely themed parties and enjoying life. For some reason I have really gotten into that show called Bones. So good. Prospect Park in the summer is Dynamite!


I’m redesigning/fixing my website. prepare for better more simplistic awesomeness. im also starting to redo my reel cause ive done alot of cool stuff this year that must be added on! WORD.


Got a new cartoony comin out soon. Stay tuned on its awesomeness. It’s called BOOBatary and its da bomb. It will hopefully premiere at a special festival somewhere special.

here’s a stilled still…

I haven’t written in a while buuUuuut…last weekend was AMAZING!!!

I first went to Rhode Island, specifically Providence, specifically, spaciffacallly RISD. It was like I never left. Went to the senior FAV show and saw some FANTASTIC FILMS!! I wish I was in school still making awesomeness. I feel like one doesn’t truly appreciate college until you’re out and dying and poor. I got to see all my friends and then some. Saw some great teachers. All in all, I’d say it was great! I wish Providence was closer!

I then went to Boston and hungout with some old amazing roommates. We ate a loooot of food. I liking food was okay with this decision. We went to this nifty diner place with amazing art on the walls…

this was a bathroom…shoulda seen the inside!!! CRAZY SHIT! HA!

I then hungout with some great SXSW buddies ie the Future Machine aka the cool people aka kick-ass people who should move to nyc. we talked about chocolate, poop, life, booze and sex. ALL OF MY FAVORITE TOPICS! Wish I got to see them more, I feel like we would have INSANE adventures.

NOW. Coming back to NYC SUCKED. I have heard stories about this Fung-wah, but just thought it was talk and or people embellish the shit out of everything. NO. They were right. NEVER AGAIN!!!!

FIRSTLY….the bus broke down. IN CONNETICUT! EW! We had to wait for another bus to come which had people in it already. I then was forced to sit in the back RIGHT NEXT TO THE BATHROOM. now. if you have never been in this fung-wah bus, you have no idea what these bathrooms look like. they are not your typical bus bathroom. the doors dont lock sometimes, the screen covering you from the outside world is a piece of folded fabric that revealse your privates at every bump. and the toilet. THE TOILET!!! it was like someone dug out a hole in plastic. no seat cover. basically a cone hole. and the SMELL. JEEEZUS. the SMELL. urine for days. I feel like they never once cleaned that thing. needless to say I was smelling pee the whole ride back. and when someone walked in the door whoffed a load of pee smell into my nose and mouth. i felt like a bathroom. this old man stepped in to go to the bathroom. i turn and look around and the door flings open revealing the old man going to the bathroom!! i “eeped” and closed the door for him.

then. seriously, the LAST 10 minutes, we were arriving. we were in the city. some dude could not hold it. for those ten minutes. HE POOPED IN THE BATHROOM. I CANNOT CONVEY THE SMELL THAT MY BODY SMELT/FELT/ABSORBED. I THINK I DIED THAT DAY.



MEATWAFFLE is a finalist in the ANIMATION category for OvationTV’s film director contest! VOTE FOR MEATWAFFLE!!!

For the Viewers’ Choice category, the Film that receives the most votes from among the Finalists between May 24, 2010 and June 4, 2010 on the Contest web page will win for that category.

The Top Film winner and the Viewers’ Choice winner will have their films air on the Ovation television network during the American Revolutionaries: The Directors event in July 2010 and potentially screened at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art. The Best of Comedy, Best of Drama, and Best of Animation winners will receive on air and online promotion and a HD Flip Camera (Approximate Retail Value $199.99).

I’m especially psyched about the jurors and the mere fact that they will be seeing/viewing/judging my mooovie ***Ronald S. Magliozzi***….

Ian Birnie

Ian Birnie is the Consulting Curator in the Film Department of the Los Angeles County Museum of Art. Previous positions include Director of Distribution for Janus Films in New York, and Director of Film Development for Telefilm Canada in Toronto.

From 1998 to 2006, Birnie worked on special projects for the Hamburg-based European Film Promotion (EFP) organized and moderated a series of young directors’ panels at the Toronto Film Festival, and edited the “Shooting Stars Tenth Anniversary” book for which he interviewed twenty actors from as many countries. He is an experienced film festival programmer, having programmed the Galas at the Toronto Film Festival (1992-96), and the Northern European films – including a 12 film “Spotlight on Danish Cinema” – at the Bangkok International Film Festival (2004-06).

In 2003, he was awarded the honorary title of “Chevalier de l’Ordre des Arts et des Lettres” from the French government.
Ronald S. Magliozzi

Ronald S. Magliozzi is Assistant Curator in the Department of Film, The Museum of Modern Art.

Magliozzi joined the Museum in 1978 as Assistant Supervisor of the Celeste Bartos International Film Study Center as a specialist in special collections research and development. Active in the International Federation of Film of Film Archives, he chaired its Documentation Commission from 1990-1997.

Since 1993 he has organized over fifty theater and gallery exhibitions including Tim Burton (2009-2010), Pixar: 20 Years of Animation (2005-6), Rediscovering Roscoe: The Careers of “Fatty” Arbuckle (2006), Franz Waxman: Music for the Cinema (2007), and Cruel and Unusual Comedy (2009). Publications include Treasures from the Film Archive (Scarecrow Press, 1988), Film Archiving as a Profession (The Moving Image, 2003), Let’s Go in to a Picture Show: Silent Cinema Recordings 1907-1922 (Il Giornate del Cinema Muto, 2006), Tim Burton (Museum of Modern Art, 2009).
Jamie Patricof

Jamie Patricof is the founder of Hunting Lane Films, a production company based in Los Angeles. He produced HALF NELSON, by filmmakers Ryan Fleck & Anna Boden, which premiered in 2006 and went on to win three Gotham Awards, two Spirit Awards, and a “Best Actor” nomination for the film’s star, Ryan Gosling, at the 2007 Academy Awards.

Patricof has also produced the documentary film CONFESSIONS OF A SUPERHERO, released in 2007, and SUGAR, the sophomore feature from Fleck and Boden, released by Sony Pictures Classics in April 2009. Patricof recently completed BLUE VALENTINE, a film co-written and directed by Derek Cianfrance, starring Ryan Gosling and Michelle Williams, which premiered at Sundance 2010 and will be released this year by The Weinstein Company.

Patricof is an Executive Producer for the The Rachel Zoe Project on Bravo and is in production on a documentary for ESPN’s 30/30 series, directed by Ice Cube and based on his personal journey as an LA Raider’s fan. Patricof executive produced Players: Ludacris and a tribute to the seminal hip-hop group Run DMC and Jam Master Jay: The Last Interview for VH1. Prior to that, he produced ESPN’s The Life, a behind-the-scenes look at athletes’ lives off the field, which was nominated for an Emmy.
Charles Segars

Charles Segars is Chief Executive Officer of Ovation TV, the only cable network dedicated to art, culture and personal creativity. He is also the founder of Los Angeles-based Sparkler Entertainment, which is active in media investment and strategic advisory work, as well as motion picture and television production. He recently served as Executive Producer of National Treasure: Book of Secrets, sequel to the worldwide box office hit National Treasure for which he wrote the original story and executive produced.

In 2004, Mr. Segars joined MarketRange Inc., a leading creator and manager of online, subscription-based, lifestyle and entertainment communities as Chief Marketing Officer. In 2001, along with Ken Solomon, current Chairman of Ovation TV, he was heavily involved in the creation, launch, and operation of cable television’s preeminent lifestyle network, Fine Living, where he managed all aspects of the network including programming, production, promotion and strategic partnerships.

Previous to Fine Living, Mr. Segars was a senior executive at DreamWorks SKG where he was instrumental in developing both traditional television and new media ventures. During his tenure, he played a key role in all creative and operational aspects of DreamWorks Television.

Prior to DreamWorks, Mr. Segars was Vice President of Primetime Specials, Reality and Event Programming at CBS, where he was responsible for the development and production of all entertainment and reality specials and series. He began at CBS as Director of Late Night and Non-Network Programming and supervised the launch of “Late Night with David Letterman.”

He is a graduate of Loyola Marymount University, Los Angeles and began his career as a documentary film producer.

checkout this poster i made for the brooklyn international film festival….

YO! CHECK OUT KE$HA’S NEW MUSIC VIDEO YOUR LOVE IS MY DRUG! I had the pleasure to animat/color/work on this video thanks to my friend Lizzi Akana who directed the animation sequences. It’s Yellow Submarine inspired! COOL!

tonight i was a lame-o and stayed in. i painted this in about 2 hrs. i don’t remember the last time i have painted anything. i miss it. i want to paint moooore and learn more technique somehow/somewhere. perhaps i shall move to italy and have many italian lovers and paint them. i hear italians smell like pasta. yum.

People are emailing and asking if any of my drawings are for sale…well. YES. They are.


EMAIL MEEEE while I figure out how to do some spiffy paypal thingamajig page thing.

Want a custom painting? drawing? stills from an animation? photocopy of my bum? CAN DO!

say whaaaat?

go. touch yourself while thinking about my art.

Hey there.

How ya doin?

Long time no chat. I missed you.



is now available on INDIEFLIX!!! RENT,BUY, Streeeeam it!


YAAAAy Indie!

That makes me want to watch Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom. My favorite. Apparently this girl I went to school with’s uncle played that freaky shaman who ripped out peoples hearts in that film. I can definitely recite the lines he says while he rips out the hearts. weird.



Forgot to post this…another addition to my randomly cool trashcans collection…taken at Rockaway beach last weekend. It was a very misty day. It seriously looked like a horror movie. I was expecting an ax murderer to pop out of this very trashcan. Or a small person. A small person ax murderer. Yes. Scary. I know.


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